What a week and here I be..

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Happy Sunday Ya'll!!
Ok soooooo can we say this weeks been a bit um..stupid..
Yes we can!
Between grump males who write stupid shit on Facebook..
To bein busy and finally gettin a job!
Thats right!
I got my job back at Bath & Body Works here in Lawton.
You ladies should stop in and come see me!!
Feel's good to have a steady paycheck comin in again.
Not that I dont love shooting, but come on...
When its a hit or miss all the time..that gets a little old..
Lots of personal junk this week to.
Although from what I can tell its just a major male PMS time.
Several people I know were having problems out of their men this week.
Why IDK..but it was just bad..
Workout wise..
Candace and I have added yoga to our routine for tues & thur's.
Can we say..
I did enjoy it though...
But the pain kinda sucked.
We will also start workin out at the gym on Sundays as well.
So yeah that puts me at workin gout 6 days a week.
Im excited and scared at the same time..LOL
We finally got Candaces living room finished.There is no more carpet in her living room!!
We were gonna get her den finished to,
but the people who did it..did an AMAZING job glueing the carpet to the concrete.So that means we will have to take drastic measures to get that stuff up..
So thats for a later summer project.
So so far we got her living room and hall decarpeted!
But the killin carpet got me to and we pulled it out of my living room..
I have a pic here

Yes that's Candaces finger over the camera..lol.. We were all so shocked to see the condition of the floor's under this nasty carpet.I dont care what you say.You can NEVER NEVER NEVER get carpet clean.I feel so much better that its outta the living room..I cant wait to get it out of the rest of the house.Its gonna be hard work but its worth it.Each room we pull we gotta reposition the base boards to lower them..So there arent huge gaps between the wall and floor.
My house is gonna be so much cleaner and smell so so much better.
Those of you who have several animal's know that sometimes it doesnt matter how much you clean..Somehow it always smells like animal ass.
Especially if you have carpet!

We are gonna get the Dining room tonite!!..woot!
I am so thankful my awesome landlord is letting us do this.I honestly think its gonna bring up the value of the home because these floors are in such amazing condition!!
Ok well I think that is all for right now..
I think I start at BBW this week.
Im excited.
Gonna be so good to see my BBW girls again! I have missed them alot!
Its amazing how you never think about missing a "job" until you find one thats actually good..
I never did like having a "job" until there.
Its a great place to work and Kerri my store mgr makes it have a fantastic atmosphere.
I never feel like I'm just goin to work..It ends up that it feels more like hangin out with your gal's doin girlie things all day!
Until next time darklings!!


Brian said...

Yeah...don't let the stupid man thing get to you! I'll be the first to admit that most men are retards! But the rest of your week and weekend seemed pretty good!

willow said...

hurray for jobs!!! congrats!