A Late Gardening Thursday!

Friday, July 09, 2010 Edit This 0 Comments »
Photo credit for above shot Maureen Shaughnessy

Hello my darklings...
I do apologize for not getting my blog up yesterday.I just could not decide on what to write about.
I'm still stumped about it today.But to make sure that I blog for Thursday I am gonna do it today...
I have decided to just talk about rain..
For those of you in the state of Oklahoma,yesterday we had some awesome rain shower's..
Yes there were places that got flooding.Cities are always gonna flood fast because they are water traps.It does sucketh I can tell you.It makes life a little more difficult to deal with on flooding days.
But for those of us who don't live in large cities(even though Lawton is OKs 3rd largest city in the state),we had some truly beautiful shower's yesterday.
When I was helping my mom back to the van after her visit(she had her throat biopsy yesterday),the rain just felt so wonderful and inviting.
Not to cold,not to hot,Just perfect rainy weather.
So I immediately decided to take my plants off the porch and arrange them in the yard so they could partake in this wonderful rain shower.

Making sure they had the support they needed just in case they might wanna tumble over.
Took my hanging plants and hung them in our tree from its branches.
I just wanted each of them to really get a good rain soak.
Rain water is so much better for them than the tap water that is coming from my hose.
So while doing so I was realizing the whole time that I just didn't wanna go inside..
I took my time arranging my plants.
Getting soaked in the process.I watched as neighbor's got home and hurried in the house so they didn't get too wet.

I watched my neighbor's daughter who doesn't get to play in the rain's ever come walkin right over to see why I was standing outside getting soaked.
I got to spend that time explaining the joy's of the rain.
How sometimes its just truly magical to play in the rain regardless of our age.
While the rain fell I just visualized all my worries and cares being washed right off of me.Dripping from my skin like little negative stream's trying to find their way back to earth to be made right again.
It was so grounding yesterday.
I spent about an hour outside in the rain(even started getting a little wrinkly..he he).
Let the dogs stay outside to enjoy it.I truly believe every living creature be it animal,plant,or human benefits from a good rain shower.
So what I encourage you to do sometime.
Just take a moment when the rain is right and let it shower you.
Sit,stand,spin,jump,walk in the rain.
Get soaked by mother nature.
Let her wash you..
You will notice your care's just washing off like the dirt on your feet...