This Is When The Govt Needs To Listen To Farmers!

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The solution is so so so so so so simple!!!

Super excited!!

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I have a few things to be super excited about!!

1st off I was published in Pin-up Perfection Magazine!! WOOT WOOT!!
Pages 60 & 64!

2nd I got my Etsy store open!
Thats right Morticia's Midnite Spa is now open!!

So go on by and check it out!! Ive got 5 different scents of bath salts up right now! YAY!
I hope to be adding more and more as time goes on..
Be looking for:
Salt & Sugar scrubs
Milk Bath's
Home Fragrance
Eventually Soap (its the hard thing to will take me a bit before I sell to make sure its perfect)...
Laundry soap..(yep laundry soap)
All is 100% natural and organic!
I will also try to make some of it vegan..

3rd You guys will notice ad's being placed on my entries now!! YAY I got my google adsense account!!
For those of you who dont know about google adsense it is a program that if you approved you can get ad's placed on your blog,website,youtube and if anyone clicks on that ad you get paid per click! Its a good way to make a little extra cash.
Who doesnt need that in this day and age right!!
They customize it to your particular needs and traffic flow.. which is really kinda cool!
So if you have a blog or website that you dont mind ad's being on go and look up google adsense and see if your approved!!

What else..
Oh I am going to start designating certain days for certain topics!
That way you guys have something to look forward to.
I will be posting the schedual for that here soon.I gotta figure out what topics to talk about on what days....
Please bear with me this is a new territory for me on this blogging for a reason thing!..
OH also be looking on my Mistie May Studios blog for some announcments & special photo events!
Alrighty I think thats all for now folks!!!

Update and Announcment

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Sorry its been so long guys..I got a lil wayward there for a bit!