Let me introduce you..

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Hello my dears!!!

As I said before in my last blog.I am going to start talking about my own personal path.The Norse path, also known as the path of the viking,Asatru, or Odinism.

I find that there are thousands of websites and blogs that talk only about wicca and the fundamentals and so I would rather be differant.I think we need to also start talking about our own particular paths whatever it may be.So in the spirit of being differant I am going to try and with my best of abilities lead you down the path of the Norse Folk.So let me introduce you....

Well Like I said before the Norse path is also known as Asatru and Odinism.They are basically the same thing but with suttle differances.Kinda like denominations in churches.Um..not to compare them to that but it makes it a little simpler to understand.They both worship the same Gods/Goddesses give or take a few and believe basically the same thing.

The Norse tradition is aprox 42,000yrs old which makes it one of the oldest documented religions on the world.Older than Christianity that has really only been around for about 2,000 yrs.

The Norse religion is the religion of the ancient Scandinavian,Danish,English,German,The Netherlands and many other countries as well.Celtic traditions are very closely linked with this path.

The Norse have very specific and practicle values when it comes to life and the here after.They believe that Strength, courage, joy, honor, freedom, loyalty to kin, realism, vigor, and the revering of our ancestors to be of the upmost important.

Weakness does nothing and no one any good.Only focusing on what will happen in the next life is a waste of time.Live for the here and now and if you did what you should on this earthly plane (mid-gaurd) then all will be sorted out in the afterlife.

We believe that religion should be organic and not forced.Also that it should be the original religion of the people.If it is made up by man than its not a valid religion.(grant it now days there is some lee-way here)...

Where wicca and witchcraft call their groups covens..The norse groups are called the Kindred.The High Priest & High Priestess are called the Gothar (pronounced go-thar) which is plural forms of the words Gothi & Gythia.I will explain more about them later.
I really just wanted to touch on some key facts to familiarize you with the subject matter.

Ok now a list of the gods and goddesses of the Norse.Some you will recognize others you wont.I do hope to take each of them individually and do a write up on them.So you can get a little more familiar with them.Who knows through this blog you may learn that you to are apart of the viking path!...(btw the vikings were only around 500yrs ..they just made odin popular..lol)..anywho..here is the list of the deities

ODIN - father of the Gods, associated with wisdom, poetry, victory,runes,magic, & the dead.
FRIGGA - mother of the Gods, wise, involved with family and children,Goddess of the dawn,marriage & childbirth
THOR - Son of Odin,a God of strength and might, defender of the Gods and men,defense,revenge,& farming.
TYR - one-handed God renowned for sacrifice, valor, and war prowess,battle & justice
BALDER - most beautiful of the Gods, soft-spoken, bold, and good
SKADI - mountain-dwelling Goddess who hunts on skis
HEIMDAL - watchman guarding the Rainbow Bridge to the realm of the Gods
IDUN - Goddess who keeps the magic apples that renew the Gods' youth
FREYA - Sister to frey,Goddess of love, fertility and procreation,queen of the Valkyries,sensuality,battle,& magic.

FREY - Brother to Freya,virile fertility God whose domain includes love, joy, prosperity,feast.
NJORD - Father of Frey & Freya,God connected with the sea as a source of food and prosperity through trade

These are the major Gods and Goddesses.There are many more.Like I said I will try to take each one individually and give you a background history and their associations to magic and the craft!..

Also the Norse paths did go through and extinction period.It was wipped out about 800yrs ago when the King of Sweden finally converted to Christianity after getting tired of the constant fight.He had been the last official hold-out on the subject.This is when the whole of europe became Christianized.Now this doesnt mean that thousands of people didnt practice their native religions.It just means they had to go into hiding so they did not get persecuted for it..or worse killed.

So finally in the 40s & 50s most countries had repealed the laws that stated that one could not practice their own religion so the Norse started rising agian.The largest rise came in the 70s when groups started springing up all over the united states and europe.Now grant it these new groups were successful in modernizing the old ways.Also the norse paths are not part of the neo-pagan movement.It has a very distinct line of beliefs where neo-paganism pulls from many differant aspects and paths of religion to make a truth for the individual.

Ok I think that is enough for now.The first god to be studied will be Odin.Because he is the all-father.The first...well and he owns that cool hall called Valhalla..lol..
Also I will be posting the 9 Values of the Norse and also the wheel of the year.Stay tuned!!!
I do hope you enjoyed this introduction.
Many Blessings my friends and may the Gods Bless You!

I know its been a long time

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I do apologize for disappearing..
My life has been a bit all over the place the past couple of weeks.I have moved out of my parents house in with my boyfriend,my car broke down so I'm on the sole express.I have also gotten a job at Bath & Body Works.Which I must say I really enjoy working there.
I have also started along with 2 other friends of mine a study group.So I have been researching my own path for the first time in more depth than I had before and I am learning so much.For those of you who dont know I follow the Norse path or as alot know it as the path of the vikings.Its so interesting to find out why you believe what you believe and how it has molded you into the person you are today.I think that I will start posting on this subject.I havent found to much out there on the subject because its not one of the more popular paths.But all the same its an interesting topic and I think everyone should be familiar with it.I think you can learn alot from it.Besides there are tons of sites and blogs out there that are writting on wicca and the fundimentals and such so lets be differant with this one and give Odin and his children a place to learn and hopefully spread the viking spirit around!
I do look forward to all of your comments and I do hope you will enjoy this journey into the land of the norse.The myth and lore is so amazingly rich and I think you will find it facinating!...
Blessings my friends
Until next time
May the gods bless you !