I know its been a long time

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I do apologize for disappearing..
My life has been a bit all over the place the past couple of weeks.I have moved out of my parents house in with my boyfriend,my car broke down so I'm on the sole express.I have also gotten a job at Bath & Body Works.Which I must say I really enjoy working there.
I have also started along with 2 other friends of mine a study group.So I have been researching my own path for the first time in more depth than I had before and I am learning so much.For those of you who dont know I follow the Norse path or as alot know it as the path of the vikings.Its so interesting to find out why you believe what you believe and how it has molded you into the person you are today.I think that I will start posting on this subject.I havent found to much out there on the subject because its not one of the more popular paths.But all the same its an interesting topic and I think everyone should be familiar with it.I think you can learn alot from it.Besides there are tons of sites and blogs out there that are writting on wicca and the fundimentals and such so lets be differant with this one and give Odin and his children a place to learn and hopefully spread the viking spirit around!
I do look forward to all of your comments and I do hope you will enjoy this journey into the land of the norse.The myth and lore is so amazingly rich and I think you will find it facinating!...
Blessings my friends
Until next time
May the gods bless you !