Recycling buckets for gardening..A green way to container garden..

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Well I was in my kitchen the other day after a workout..I think it was monday..
Anywho I was starting to clean my kitchen when I decided to recycle a cookie dough bucket..
BTW I didnt mention it in the video..but u can also paint and decorate these bad boys!..
Enjoy guys!!

April 23rd,26th,& 28th...I know Im behind!..haha

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Ok well I know that I am WAY behind on updating on my blog.
I apologize...
So here goes..

April 23rd...
Well this was my 1st workout back after a week and a half.. Life has been getting in the way and this time it was poor candace that had the issues..
Lori came and worked out with me... we had tons of fun and miss candace kicked out asses royal..
My body hurt so bad.. I could SO tell I hadnt worked out in over a week because man oh man it hurt like hell..
But all in all a great workout..

April 26th
Another great day..
I have been really tired since we adopted the new kitten... She's so cute though...She was orphaned by her mother.. Mom brought her to me.Shes barely over 2 weeks old.. so we are bottle technically I sleep when she sleeps which isnt too often..
So back to the workout I felt it a bit more mon because I was so tired.. But lori was there and we had a blast as always.Both of us were uber tired but it was nice..
Here is the new baby..

April 28th!
Well I was up most of the nite with the kitten.Dude girl did NOT wanna sleep..She thought that 2am was the best time to play EVER!
So Jesse and I played with her for 30mins and she was showin no signs of bein sleepy.So because I knew he had to work early I got out of bed with kitten in hand and went to the living room where she played for another 45 mins..
I finally was like screw it hot bottle full belly says.. sleepy kitten..
She ate a whole bottle and wasnt sleepy.. Now I on the other hand was so past
So I was trying to find a box she cant get out of because the one that was made into a bed for her she can easily get out of..
So I found my laundry basket and made her a cushy bed and baby went into the play pen..haha.. and mommy go some much needed sleep around 4am
So that made getting up for workout today espeically hard!
But even though I was uber tired Candace still worked my butt off.It was difficult today with being so damn sleepy..
My body got tired way fast..and I hurt.But its pain no gain..
Below is a recent shot of me.. Im starting to see results..
We would have already done weight and measures but the boy has missplaced my freakin measureing tape..
So maybe I'll do my measurements friday..
On an awesome note I have fit into my 24's with no issues.. YAY!
I have lost 2 inches because I was a 26...
Well thats the update so far on me workouts..
I will have more soon..

The beginning of green things! Tee hee

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Well hello there kiddies!
Havent blogged in a bit.But life happens.Poor Candace has had some car troubles so workouts been a bit off..
But in on that note Jesse and I have started our summer project..
We are going to plant a garden and grow our own veggies..
I really like knowin where our food comes from and keepin that there green dollar out of walmarts friggin hands!
So below are some pictures to show the beginnings of our veggie garden...
Just in time for Earth Day to!!

This is Thordis inspecting the goods.He's making sure its people

The Seeds (I have high hopes we'll see how far they go..hehe)

Plants Im gonna try to keep alive!
Tomato's,String Beans,Basil,& Lemon Thyme
Seed's all planted! Think happy growing thoughts!

If your wondering what the weird lil mound things are their seed pods.You can get a package of 72 pods for like 7 bucks.It makes starting seeds alot eaiser than putting them in the ground and thinking happy thoughts..haha..

Something fun for Earthday! Seed sharin!
I made my own seed packets.Just take some paper and cut into strips and get zee tape and away u go!I shared with my neighbor...
Seed packets come with alot of seeds & there's no way we are planing that many.
So the nice thing is if you know someone who wants to start a garden then share the love!
Earth days tomarrow!

Also if you have empty gallon jugs here's a fun way to recycle them!
When growing seeds you gotta lable what you plant.So why not make some waterproof tags!
Its easy just cut the gallon jug into a few pieces and cut them into strips.
There's no set length,but u need a permant marker & some scissors

Then see BAM nice lil garden tag! If your feelin real adventurous u can even make the end tapered to go into soil easier!

Ok now for some stuff thats already growin.
Thanks to Oklahoma there are wild onions EVERYWHERE!
Even in our backyard! lol
This makes Jesse happy...

Now welcome to the world our very own accidental cantalope!
This is what happens when u dont think about throwin out melons! haha
Aint it cute!

Okies well that is all for now..

I will keep you updated on the garden.Complete with pictures.I cant help that Im a photographer its what we do!

Until next time loverlies!!

Pity Parties are Not an Option.But Gettin Sick & Tired Is ok

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Ya ever wonder why in the bloomin hell shit keeps happening to certain people..
I often wonder..and I am one of those people and quite frankly Im sick and fuckin tired of it!
I try to be the best person I can be.I help those in need and what happens..I get shit on and no one gives even a believable thank you...
Bottom line.. is a big..
Yep.. I've had it..
Personally had it..
On a good note.. Workout's resume on monday!
I truely look forward to my workouts..
Got a shoot tomarrow.. lookin forward to that to..
But I am in such a funk because people fuckin suck!

April 12th's Workout

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Hello there loverlies!!
Well I can tell you today was a rough workout...
Not because she pushed me anymore than normal..
But for those who know me know that I have very bad asthma.. (its nearly killed me about 12 times).
So its spring the seaons are changing and so oxygen and I are NOT friends..
Needless today my workout sucked on my side because my body was not having it.
I got tired so fast today...I was breathing so hard in just the 1st workout!
It was like I felt I weighed 1,000lbs today!
My body did get a good workout.Candace always does an amazing job & we are both starting to see the results of our hard work.
My 2nd weigh & measure is coming up soon! Im curious to see where Im at..
Ok until next time loverlies..
Im off to take my inhaler like a good little nerd..haha..

Workout April 9th

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So yeah I'm late in my blog
Had another I dont wanna get outta bed day...
But I did...
Candace showed up early as per and I had a friend join me today..
Lori my dear friend decided to come play today.
Its alot of fun working out with friends.It makes the time pass quickly & u dont really feel like ur workin out.
Laughs and gossip butt shakin..its a good thing
So today was the 2nd workout since I hurt my knee and it did ok..
Only thing is I was short on the lunges because my knee caught and hurt.But all in all I did well today..
Im noticing my flexibility is getting better..and Im not as winded.. which is cool..
Lori had fun I think.. we laughed and joked...I look forward to her wanting to workout with me ....
After the workout we sat and had some banana nut muffins and talked a lil bit..resting from the workout..
All in all it was greatness..
I do hope that Lori joins me for my workouts..Its so fun with more people!!
Welp twas a good day!
Will blog more later!!

Workout April 7th

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Well Good morning peoples!
Ok well as you all know that yesterday I injured my knee from a fall at Lowes..
It didnt hurt to to bad..I mean I cant say that it isnt hurt,but I also have a high pain tolerance as well..
So I was sort of not looking forward to working out this morning.But as my dad has always said.. No pain no
He also use to say when we were injured.. "If you can walk ur fine"
That has sort of been my injury meter growing up..So u can imagine.. If I sprained an ankle or knee I would try to walk it off..
So this is how it went yesterday and why I figured I'd work out today..
So needless it was a rough morning waking up..
You can always tell when ur body is healing because it likes u to sleep...
So yeah I was rough this morning..So I get up and do the usual get breakfast..sit for a sec and Miss Candace texts me & is like Im heading over now.. Im antsy...
I was like um ok so yeah..haha
The workout was rather difficult today.Knee was really stiff and the only thing I was unable to do was the lunges.Which was awesome..I also had difficulty with the on the floor leg lifts..My knee was killin me and my right hip started cramping.
But I also think thats because of my fall.I did a pretty good half split yesterday.So today was rough..She tried out a new workout routine which was really vigerous.
I enjoyed it.
Im actually enjoying my workouts alot more than I thought I would. I think its because Im finally really ready for a change.We are starting to notice the changes in my body..
Even dad noticed that Im starting to look more toned.
I build muscle very fast.Alot like a man...which actually has to do with the amount of testosterone in my body.Long story short I was suppose to be a twin but I absorbed
So anywho...
The changes I am seeing are:
My muscle structure is changing. I am starting to feel more blocky which is cool.
My back pain is gone! THANK THE GODS!
Flexibility is getting better...
Im also not as winded.Now being as big as I am I have never been uber winded.In all actuality I've never been ur typical fat girl.Ive always been able to do things most cant.So changes I see in me aren't gonna be the same as most.
Starting next week I'll be starting a yoga routine to help with my back pain and other joint pain.I wanna start becoming more flexible.But because I've had some back and joint issues I wanna start there.Then branch out.So I'll do that I think on tues & thurs.
Ok well I think thats all for now..All in all my knee hates me... its swollen but I'm taking care of it.
So today will be a rest day..Im feelin good though..It was a good workout today!
Until next time dawlinks!

The amazingness of my day

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So I was actually up uber late last night..
I had one of those nights my body wasnt interested in sleep.Sucked but time was passed on the phone with a good friend...
So I was up at 11am this morning because of it...
So I got up and started my day...feelin kinda slow.
Was gonna start cleaning house but got a call from dad askin if I needed to go grocery shoppin & I did.Because lets face it my cabinets were rather bare..LOL
So I got my shower and proceeded to get ready for the day.For some weird reason I was nausiated this morning..but it got better.Im thinking its because I wasnt drinking enough water from working out..
So Jess got home and ate lunch..talked a bit..and then dad showed up shortly after.
He wanted to go to Lowes and get a few plants...
So I am wearing my flip flops and guess who's infinate grace came to surface..
They were watering the plants and the particular flip flops I was wearing have a slick issue with water.. So regardless of how careful I was trying to be my ass slipped and did a semi split and landed with all 310 lbs on my left knee.
Now for anyone who knows me knows that my left knee takes alot of beatings...So its non to happy with me..
We are banged up pretty good and Im icing it now..But I got right up as fast as I went down so it looked just like I had slipped & ment to..hehe..
But man oh man as the day goes on I am so feelin it..
Tomarrow is workout day with Candance and boy am I not lookin forward to my knee tomarrow.
But no pain no gain!

So anywho..thats my big event of the day..
I went to the Taft meat market today to get my meat..
Im trying to learn to eat locally and I must say..that the meat at the Taft store is so awesome..
The meat is always so fresh and you can just taste the local. I highly recommend this little meat market. Yes its in a not so good part of town.But isnt that how it alwasys goes with really good markets!

I urge everyone to check it out.Especially if you like really good fresh meat!
So ... I think that Im done blabbering...For
Will blog tomarrow!

April 5th Workout

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Good morning you peoples!!

Well I know I said I would blog twice on my workout days..Before & after my workout...
I do apologize..I woke up late today
Ok well before my workout I was tired..I woke up late..and wasnt in a bad mood.
Just more of a I wanna sleep mood..
Got around fairly quickly...
I think its because even though I dont wanna be out of bed I look forward to my workouts.Candace is an amazing trainer and it really doesnt feel like to much work when she's here.

Although the back-ups (reverse situps that work ur back) I really do

So anywho
Candace got here and we started in...we work with resistence bands.I really like them alot.They have a little more control than free weights but just as much if not more results..

We always work the total body..
We start with cardio first thing to get my blood pumpin and heart goin...
Then we normally start with my arms but today she was in the mood for legs and stomach.So we worked my abs really hard..I mean they were like cryin by the time she got done..We worked my legs and then did the dreaded backups for my last thing before cool down streaching..
She makes my body hurt but we are already seeing results.
Im becoming more flexible.. when we do our crunches on the side crunch knee touch im almost to my knee's!
Which rocks my socks man...
on the back ups my hands dont touch the chair anymore..
measurements and weigh in are coming up soon..i'll have more pictures..

Until next time dawlings!


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Ok well I know I havent blogged in awhile..
There's a good reason..
I was taking care of a very sick friend which ment that I wasnt workin out..Well unless u count lifting my
But Fridays workout was great..
Candace likes to kick my ass..I think she enjoys it..haha..
We picked up like we hadnt left off..and will resume monday at 9:30..
Im looking forward to our booty shakin..
My body hurts today..its mostly muscle pain from workin them like they dont like to work..
Will blog more later's!