April 12th's Workout

Monday, April 12, 2010 Edit This 0 Comments »
Hello there loverlies!!
Well I can tell you today was a rough workout...
Not because she pushed me anymore than normal..
But for those who know me know that I have very bad asthma.. (its nearly killed me about 12 times).
So its spring the seaons are changing and so oxygen and I are NOT friends..
Needless today my workout sucked on my side because my body was not having it.
I got tired so fast today...I was breathing so hard in just the 1st workout!
It was like I felt I weighed 1,000lbs today!
My body did get a good workout.Candace always does an amazing job & we are both starting to see the results of our hard work.
My 2nd weigh & measure is coming up soon! Im curious to see where Im at..
Ok until next time loverlies..
Im off to take my inhaler like a good little nerd..haha..