Pity Parties are Not an Option.But Gettin Sick & Tired Is ok

Saturday, April 17, 2010 Edit This 1 Comment »
Ya ever wonder why in the bloomin hell shit keeps happening to certain people..
I often wonder..and I am one of those people and quite frankly Im sick and fuckin tired of it!
I try to be the best person I can be.I help those in need and what happens..I get shit on and no one gives even a believable thank you...
Bottom line.. is a big..
Yep.. I've had it..
Personally had it..
On a good note.. Workout's resume on monday!
I truely look forward to my workouts..
Got a shoot tomarrow.. lookin forward to that to..
But I am in such a funk because people fuckin suck!


Candace said...

well. If things didnt keep shitting on us we coulda worked out! ugh!
Im ready tog et back going! we got a weigh in coming up and I want results! haha. i sound like a crazy drill sgt