The beginning of green things! Tee hee

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Well hello there kiddies!
Havent blogged in a bit.But life happens.Poor Candace has had some car troubles so workouts been a bit off..
But in on that note Jesse and I have started our summer project..
We are going to plant a garden and grow our own veggies..
I really like knowin where our food comes from and keepin that there green dollar out of walmarts friggin hands!
So below are some pictures to show the beginnings of our veggie garden...
Just in time for Earth Day to!!

This is Thordis inspecting the goods.He's making sure its people

The Seeds (I have high hopes we'll see how far they go..hehe)

Plants Im gonna try to keep alive!
Tomato's,String Beans,Basil,& Lemon Thyme
Seed's all planted! Think happy growing thoughts!

If your wondering what the weird lil mound things are their seed pods.You can get a package of 72 pods for like 7 bucks.It makes starting seeds alot eaiser than putting them in the ground and thinking happy thoughts..haha..

Something fun for Earthday! Seed sharin!
I made my own seed packets.Just take some paper and cut into strips and get zee tape and away u go!I shared with my neighbor...
Seed packets come with alot of seeds & there's no way we are planing that many.
So the nice thing is if you know someone who wants to start a garden then share the love!
Earth days tomarrow!

Also if you have empty gallon jugs here's a fun way to recycle them!
When growing seeds you gotta lable what you plant.So why not make some waterproof tags!
Its easy just cut the gallon jug into a few pieces and cut them into strips.
There's no set length,but u need a permant marker & some scissors

Then see BAM nice lil garden tag! If your feelin real adventurous u can even make the end tapered to go into soil easier!

Ok now for some stuff thats already growin.
Thanks to Oklahoma there are wild onions EVERYWHERE!
Even in our backyard! lol
This makes Jesse happy...

Now welcome to the world our very own accidental cantalope!
This is what happens when u dont think about throwin out melons! haha
Aint it cute!

Okies well that is all for now..

I will keep you updated on the garden.Complete with pictures.I cant help that Im a photographer its what we do!

Until next time loverlies!!


Lisa Sharp said...

That's awesome. I have done nothing with my garden so far this year and last year was a disaster lol.