The amazingness of my day

Tuesday, April 06, 2010 Edit This 0 Comments »
So I was actually up uber late last night..
I had one of those nights my body wasnt interested in sleep.Sucked but time was passed on the phone with a good friend...
So I was up at 11am this morning because of it...
So I got up and started my day...feelin kinda slow.
Was gonna start cleaning house but got a call from dad askin if I needed to go grocery shoppin & I did.Because lets face it my cabinets were rather bare..LOL
So I got my shower and proceeded to get ready for the day.For some weird reason I was nausiated this morning..but it got better.Im thinking its because I wasnt drinking enough water from working out..
So Jess got home and ate lunch..talked a bit..and then dad showed up shortly after.
He wanted to go to Lowes and get a few plants...
So I am wearing my flip flops and guess who's infinate grace came to surface..
They were watering the plants and the particular flip flops I was wearing have a slick issue with water.. So regardless of how careful I was trying to be my ass slipped and did a semi split and landed with all 310 lbs on my left knee.
Now for anyone who knows me knows that my left knee takes alot of beatings...So its non to happy with me..
We are banged up pretty good and Im icing it now..But I got right up as fast as I went down so it looked just like I had slipped & ment to..hehe..
But man oh man as the day goes on I am so feelin it..
Tomarrow is workout day with Candance and boy am I not lookin forward to my knee tomarrow.
But no pain no gain!

So anywho..thats my big event of the day..
I went to the Taft meat market today to get my meat..
Im trying to learn to eat locally and I must say..that the meat at the Taft store is so awesome..
The meat is always so fresh and you can just taste the local. I highly recommend this little meat market. Yes its in a not so good part of town.But isnt that how it alwasys goes with really good markets!

I urge everyone to check it out.Especially if you like really good fresh meat!
So ... I think that Im done blabbering...For
Will blog tomarrow!