April 23rd,26th,& 28th...I know Im behind!..haha

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Ok well I know that I am WAY behind on updating on my blog.
I apologize...
So here goes..

April 23rd...
Well this was my 1st workout back after a week and a half.. Life has been getting in the way and this time it was poor candace that had the issues..
Lori came and worked out with me... we had tons of fun and miss candace kicked out asses royal..
My body hurt so bad.. I could SO tell I hadnt worked out in over a week because man oh man it hurt like hell..
But all in all a great workout..

April 26th
Another great day..
I have been really tired since we adopted the new kitten... She's so cute though...She was orphaned by her mother.. Mom brought her to me.Shes barely over 2 weeks old.. so we are bottle feedin..so technically I sleep when she sleeps which isnt too often..
So back to the workout I felt it a bit more mon because I was so tired.. But lori was there and we had a blast as always.Both of us were uber tired but it was nice..
Here is the new baby..

April 28th!
Well I was up most of the nite with the kitten.Dude girl did NOT wanna sleep..She thought that 2am was the best time to play EVER!
So Jesse and I played with her for 30mins and she was showin no signs of bein sleepy.So because I knew he had to work early I got out of bed with kitten in hand and went to the living room where she played for another 45 mins..
I finally was like screw it hot bottle full belly says.. sleepy kitten..
She ate a whole bottle and wasnt sleepy.. Now I on the other hand was so past done..lol
So I was trying to find a box she cant get out of because the one that was made into a bed for her she can easily get out of..
So I found my laundry basket and made her a cushy bed and baby went into the play pen..haha.. and mommy go some much needed sleep around 4am
So that made getting up for workout today espeically hard!
But even though I was uber tired Candace still worked my butt off.It was difficult today with being so damn sleepy..
My body got tired way fast..and I hurt.But its ok..no pain no gain..
Below is a recent shot of me.. Im starting to see results..
We would have already done weight and measures but the boy has missplaced my freakin measureing tape..
So maybe I'll do my measurements friday..
On an awesome note I have fit into my 24's with no issues.. YAY!
I have lost 2 inches because I was a 26...
Well thats the update so far on me workouts..
I will have more soon..