Workout April 9th

Friday, April 09, 2010 Edit This 0 Comments »
So yeah I'm late in my blog
Had another I dont wanna get outta bed day...
But I did...
Candace showed up early as per and I had a friend join me today..
Lori my dear friend decided to come play today.
Its alot of fun working out with friends.It makes the time pass quickly & u dont really feel like ur workin out.
Laughs and gossip butt shakin..its a good thing
So today was the 2nd workout since I hurt my knee and it did ok..
Only thing is I was short on the lunges because my knee caught and hurt.But all in all I did well today..
Im noticing my flexibility is getting better..and Im not as winded.. which is cool..
Lori had fun I think.. we laughed and joked...I look forward to her wanting to workout with me ....
After the workout we sat and had some banana nut muffins and talked a lil bit..resting from the workout..
All in all it was greatness..
I do hope that Lori joins me for my workouts..Its so fun with more people!!
Welp twas a good day!
Will blog more later!!