LATE Cookin Saturday's!! This week Raw Food! (Dont Cringe! Read!)

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Hello Hello Hello My Loverlies!!!
Its that time again!!
Cookin Sat!!
But I have to say that this Saturday there wont be any cooking.
I am gonna talk to you about raw food!



Ok well I have been doing alot of research as of late on the benefits of raw foods Wondering why these "Vegan's" claim to be so much healthier than most of us.
Well I wont say I am gonna make a 100% switch..
Nor am I telling you to stop eating meat so don't throw in the towel on me just yet please!But I am telling you that when it comes to eating their veggies they have some awesome idea's.
Its true that we do not eat enough fruits and veggies now day's.
Hell there's a good majority of my peer's that don't touch hardly any sort of fruit or veggie.
This is very very sad because we need the vital nutrition from these foods.
So the other day I was doing research as usual (I'm a nerd like that) and thought to myself.
Ok so I hear so much about "Raw Food" why don't I just look it up and see what its really about.
So I jump on YouTube,yes YouTube.Its like the best info finder EVER!!

I find the Life Regenerator & Green Smoothie Girl's channel's.

Can I just say the more I watch video's from these raw foodests and other's that they are the hyperist people on the planet!Well the majority anyway..seriously!
Ive never seen so much freakin energy in my life!
Ok onto the point of me blog!

Most of the raw foodies swear by green smoothies..
Alot of people cant get past the green part so you can add things like berries and such to make it less green..

I can tell you that I am not telling you not to eat meat.That you cant have your bread's..If I said that I would be such a hypocrite because I am a carnivore!
All I am saying is that if you add this to your daily diet then you are gonna add some mega nutrition to your body!


Because lord knows not to many of us don't get enough!
So now on to a green smoothie recipe..

I'm sorry its not more.But I need to get one of the cook book's so I can post more later!

I am looking forward to trying some of the ones I've seen online!!

Remember visit those two YouTube channels for some awesome raw food tip's and info!!

The Source for this recipe is from Green

Some people add water to their Green Smoothie, but I leave the water out because I seldom drink with meals. Water dilutes our digestive juices. Freshly-squeezed orange juice makes a tasty base.

I tend to use less fruit, about 30% fruit and 70% greens, because I eat so much fruit the rest of the day.

Greens are the perfect food for building strong bones and teeth – nearly every animal on earth has discovered that, except the big cats and polar bears!

Here's my basic Green Smoothie Recipe:

  • 2-3 sweet fruits, e.g. apple or pear – blend first to form a tasty base,
  • 1 vegetable fruit or a celery stalk – add next for extra minerals, e.g. summer squash or zucchini,
  • 1 tray of organic baby greens like sunflower or salad mix from my Sprouter, or one packet of pre-washed organic greens, or a handful of farm greens or wild edibles.

Here's a variety of Green Smoothie recipes chiefly from Frederic Patenaudesee his Green For Life program – includes 7-day green detox cleanse and Green For Life book by Victoria Boutenko.

Always blend the fruit first:

  • 2-3 cups any greens of your choice, 2 cups papaya, 2 oranges, 3 dates
  • 1 handful lettuce leaves, 1 handful mint, 4 bananas, 1/2 cup water
    Winter Smoothie - 1 cup organic frozen berries (any kind), 2 cups fresh spinach, 1/4 inch fresh ginger, water
  • Spring Smoothie - fresh orange juice, ripe bananas, frozen mangoes, and several large leaves of kale (extra frozen mango gives lovely thick consistency you eat with a bowl + spoon)
  • 1/2 bunch romaine lettuce, 1 cup strawberries, 2 bananas, water
  • 4-5 kale leaves, 4 apples, 1/2 lemon juiced, water
  • 2 big handfuls mixed baby greens, 2 pears, 2 mangoes, 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries
  • Choc-mint – 2 cups spinach, 10-12 mint leaves, 3 bananas, 2 Tbs. carob powder, 1 cup water
  • 1 handful of spinach, 2 stalks of celery, 2 bananas, 2 pears, 1 apple, 1 cup water
  • 1 small handful of spinach, 2 cups arugula, 2-3 mangoes, 1 cup water
  • 1/2 head romaine lettuce, 1 small pineapple, 1 large mango, 1-inch fresh ginger
  • 1 handful wild greens (e.g. dandelion), 1 small handful mint leaves, 3 cups honeydew melon
  • 3-4 stalks celery, 2 ripe persimmons, 1 banana
  • 1 handful chard leaves, 5-6 kale leaves, 3 large bananas, 1 cup water
  • 1 handful parsley, 3 cups of peeled papaya

Do you see that anything goes? Buy bunches of greens, a variety of fresh fruits, a GoGreen Sprouter, and CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

There ya have it guys!
Really you can get so creative with these smoothies.Which can make for some rockin flavor combo's..
I so apologize for the lateness of this blog.But my weekend was filled with work,friends,and other things.
But better late than never!
Until next time my darlings!!

I know..I fail...

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Hello ya'll!!
I know I didn't have a blog yesterday..and there's not gonna be a review today.
Well yesterday was full of errand running..and such..
I don't have anything I wanna review..
Which is kind of a lie in a round about way..haha

Ok well as far as my gardening Thursday.I really couldn't think of anything to write about.Yes I know there are like endless things to write about.But My brain wasn't working yesterday.
I can tell you that soon I will be writing on how to make a vermaculture bin(worm bin).
Very awesome stuff.

Now on to Friday's review sort of..
As we all know I am currently on a weight loss journey.
I weight over 300lb's and I'm sick of it so there for I am workin my ass off literally to get it gone..
Well between doing alot of research on what to eat and not to eat and such.
I have a personal trainer!
Photo credit Mistie May Studios

Meet Candace!
Photo taken by me...
So about 5 to 6 times a week she comes over to bust my ass...
There are day's I think she's tryin to kill me..haha
But she found a great tool online to help us with the getting bored with the same ol routine

It is

That have TON'S of free workout videos.
Both full length and mini.
Let me tell ya..some of those mini workouts will kick your ass as hard as the full length ones!
There is a great Pilate's leg work out that we do that even makes Candace feel the burn..and this is a woman who work's out ALL the friggin time..

Its a great site because you can do something different every single day.
So that means no muscle memory issues!
That also means getting results and not dealing with the big plateau!
So check out the site

So get your workout on ya'll!!!

Green Wednesday! This Week Composting Toilets!

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This week we talk poop!
*cue unanimous giggle*
So if you think about your bathroom..and how much water it really uses does it make cringe?
It does me..especially when I think about how much water is wasted in the toilet.
I know my water bill could be cut in half if it didn't use water at all..
I know odd concept
But what if I told you that you could still have an indoor toilet ..
Not use water..
Not have an oder problem and still be good for the environment?
Well my dear's there is something that actually exists in the toilet world.
Nothing says' green like composting your own poop!
Below I will let the video's speak for themselves.
I am so gonna have one of these when I am able to afford it.
Its not a gross concept at all.There are several places in Europe that now use them for public toilets.
Think how much money the city could save if all the toilets went natural!
Not to mention that if they did this with port-a-potties life would be less gross!
Raise your hand if u have a port-a-potty phobia!
(raises hand and cringes at the thought of them)
Ok well without further adu
Here be ze toilets

And if you want a more affordable option check the vid below!

Alrighty my darklings!!
Isn't this like uber cool! Plus there is no smell..Talk about using your poop for some good!..
Humanure is becoming a fastly usable resource.
So if you have a large
Just think ;o)

This takes your composting to new levels!
Between using a worm bin for food and paper scraps,then using a composting toilet you will never need to buy dirt!!!
Plus the money you'll save on water..
YAY saving money!!
Plus its insanely good for the environment.

Until next time my darklings!!

Herbal Tuesdays Angelica & A Great Contest!!

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Photo Credit Tommy Images

Welcome to Herbal Tuesdays!!
This week we are gonna be taking a look at the awesome little herb called


But first I wanna tell you about a great contest over at
The Pagan Soccer Mom

Its the Beyond Magic Give Away.
For those of us who are pagan we have a fondness for candle's.
Not only do they add a great atmosphere when lit but they can be used for specific purposes.
Suck as luck,love,healing,cleansing etc...
Well this give away is for a 10oz candle infused with the energy you choose which gives the candle its purpose..
Check the link here to see the blog post.
Also Beyond Magic is a very green company!!
Check them out here
So pop in to the blog link above and enter to win!
Now on to our herb for this week!!

Botanical Classification
Family Apiaceae (Umbelliferae)
Genus and specie
Angelica archangelica (European)
A. atropurpurea (American)
A. polymorpha var. sinensis (Chinese) -
also known as A. sinensis
Other species are also found, but have not been included in our database.
Other names
Wild celery, masterwort and dang gui (China).
Description of the herb angelica
Angelica is a robust, aromatic, short-lived perennial with thick, hollow stems and long-stalked, deeply divided leaves, with tiny green-white flowers appearing, followed by ovate ridged seeds.
Parts used
The leaves, stems, roots, seeds, and oil are used.
Angelica is a bittersweet, aromatic, and anti-inflammatory herb that increases perspiration, lowers fever, and has anti spasmodic and expectorant properties.
The plant is rich in furano-coumarins, including xanthotoxin, imperatorin, angelicin, archangelin as well as coumarins such as umbelliferone, osthol, osthenol.
The osthol is mainly found in the roots and the imperatorin in the fruit.
The roots of the A. sinensis are known as dang gui and the roots of A. dahurica as bai zhi in traditional Chinese medicine, where is it used for a general tonic and is also known as "woman's ginseng".
Internal Uses
Angelica is mostly used for:
stimulating gastric juices
stomach cramps
antispasmodic properties
cholagogue effect
reducing menopausal symptoms
premenstrual syndrome
reducing muscle spasms
Some studies of the Chinese species have found that it helps to relieve menopausal discomforts. It is used as a phytoestrogen and is used to balance estrogen levels in the body by reducing high estrogen levels, as well as increasing low estrogen levels.
Due to the estrogen balancing effect it has on the body it is particularly helpful in fighting menopausal problems, specifically hot flushes.
It also has uterine tonic qualities and is used to relieve uterine cramps.
Asian researchers report that Chinese angelica helps blood to clot (contra indicating the use of the herb for people with heart conditions), and improves liver function in people with chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis.
Preliminary research in China has found that the herb may help increase the production of red blood cells, making the herb a possible remedy for anemia.
It helps to dilate coronary vessels and relieve vasospasm, thereby having a blood pressure-lowering effect, which is thought to be due to calcium channel antagonism.
Chinese angelica as well as A. acutiloba (Japanese angelica) have nearly double the analgesic and pain relieving effect than that of aspirin, making it a natural to use for headaches, arthritis, trauma and cramps.
The European species of Angelica is used internally to combat bronchitis, mucus, and influenza, as it soothes the bronchial smooth muscle.
The herb is also used to combat digestive problems, gastric ulcers, anorexia, and migraines.
It is a traditional medicine to be used against allergies and allergic symptoms to a variety of substances; including pollen, dust, animal dander, foods etc. as it has the ability to inhibit the production of allergy-related antibodies.
The coumarins contained in angelica have shown some good immune stimulating action by stimulating the production of white blood cells, to fight off foreign particles, as well as cancerous cells, which in turn fights tumors or tumor forming cells.
It is also used to stimulate the production of interferon in the body.
Angelica leaves and stems are crystallized to be used as sweets and to decorate cakes.
Steamed stems can be eaten with butter, and chopped stems add flavor to roast pork.

External use
The external uses of the European herb include poultices for
rheumatic pain
Aromatherapy and essential oil use
The essential oil made from angelica root is used as an all-over tonic, purifying the blood, "grounding" the person and for digestive problems.
It is a boost for the lymphatic system, and a valuable oil to use after illness, to help clear the body of toxins. It has some excellent anti-fungal properties, yet is lacking in antimicrobial activity.
Not to be taken internally by pregnant women, or people suffering from diabetes or heart problems.
Exposure to sunlight while taking medicinal doses of angelica may cause a rash, due to increased photo sensitivity.
Using the root essential oil may also cause photo toxicity when exposed to sunlight directly after application.
Conflicting reports have been received regarding an ingredient of Angelica called psoralens.
"Science" journal published an article, which advised against the internal use of angelica, as psoralens may promote the growth of tumors, while on the other hand, animal studies have shown that alpha-angelica lactone (found in angelica) has an anticancer effect.
It is therefore advised that people with a history of cancer not take the herb until these questions have been resolved.
Angelica roots are poisonous when fresh, but drying eliminates the poison and dried angelica is therefore safe to use.
If you harvest herbs from the wild, please take extreme care when looking for angelica, as water hemlock looks almost like angelica. Water hemlock is an extremely poisonous plant and if taken by mistake, immediate medical assistance must be obtained.
Angelica is also a useful expectorant for coughs, bronchitis and pleurisy, especially when they are accompanied by fever, colds or influenza. The leaf can be used as a compress in inflammations of the chest. It content of carminative essential oil explains its use easing intestinal colic and flatulence. As a digestive agent it stimulates appetite and may be used in anorexia nervosa. It has been shown to help ease rheumatic inflammations. In cystitis it acts as a urinary antiseptic. Angelica is used frequently as a flavoring; in liqueurs such as chartreuse and benedictine, in gin and vermouth; the leaves as a garnish or in salads; and the candied stalks in cakes and pudding.
Alrighty well there ya have it my dear's!!
I hope you enjoyed this week's herbal learning!!
Let me know what ya think!!
Until next time Darklings!!!

Photo Credit Tommy Images

Its My Day Damn it! hehe Welcome to Sunday

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Well I dont know about many of you but this week's been full...
I started back at Bath and Body Work's this week.
Did a couple shoots
Cleaned house...
managed to sprain my ankle standing still.
Yeah dont ask..idk how it happened either..
I fell off my shoe's standing still! So that means tomarrow's workout will be for my ab's...
All I can say is owies and commence the whining!
Ok well thats all I really feel like writting right now..
Im in pain..
I totally could elaborate more but Um..yeah dont want to..haha
Until next time my darklings!

Cookin Saturday's!! This Week Talapia

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Well its that time of the week again!!
Time to bust out the kitchen utensil's and get to makin some serious stomach pleasures!!
Well this week I am going to share a fish recipe.
For those out there that havent really had alot of fish,talapia is a great stater fish.
Its very mild in taste and you can really dress it up with herb's and spices.
Lemon goes awesome with it!

So check it out try it and let me know what you think!!

Baked Talapia

4 (4 ounce) fillets tilapia
salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning, or to taste
1 lemon, thinly sliced

1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup sour cream
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons chopped fresh dill
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Lightly grease a 9x13 inch baking dish.
Season the tilapia fillets with salt, pepper and Cajun seasoning on both sides. Arrange the seasoned fillets in a single layer in the baking dish. Place a layer of lemon slices over the fish fillets. I usually use about 2 slices on each piece so that it covers most of the surface of the fish.
Bake uncovered for 15 to 20 minutes in the preheated oven, or until fish flakes easily with a fork. While the fish is baking, mix together the mayonnaise, sour cream, garlic powder, lemon juice and dill in a small bowl. Serve with tilapia.

As far as vegitables go you can pair this wonderful fish with alot of things.
Green Beans,asparagus,corn,a nice salad..
Really its whatever you fancy.

Broccoli with Poppy Seed Butter and Parmesan Cheese
2 cups fresh broccoli florets
1/4 cup melted unsalted butter
1 teaspoon poppy seeds
1/8 teaspoon paprika
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese
Place broccoli in a steamer over 1 inch of boiling water, and cover. Cook until tender but still firm, about 6 minutes; drain. Meanwhile, stir together the melted butter, poppy seeds, paprika, salt, and pepper. Toss the broccoli with the butter sauce. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese to serve.

Parmesan Asparagus
10 medium fresh asparagus spears, trimmed
4 teaspoons olive oil
1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese
1/8 teaspoon garlic salt
Brush asparagus spears with oil; place on a baking sheet coated with nonstick cooking spray. Bake, uncovered, at 400 degrees F for 6 minutes; turn asparagus. Bake 6 minutes longer or until asparagus is tender. Combine Parmesan cheese and garlic salt; sprinkle over asparagus.

Pecan Rice

1 cup brown rice
2 tablespoons margarine
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
1/2 cup finely chopped pecans
2 tablespoons minced parsley
1/4 teaspoon dried basil
1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt
In a saucepan bring 2 cups water to a boil. Add rice and stir. Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 40 minutes.
When rice is done, melt margarine in a small skillet over medium heat. Saute onions, pecans, parsley, basil, ginger, pepper and salt. When onions are tender stir mixture into rice and mix well.

Freezer Caramel Drizzle Pie

2 (9 inch) prepared graham cracker crusts
6 tablespoons butter
1 (7 ounce) package shredded coconut
1 cup chopped pecans
1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
1 (16 ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed
1 (12 ounce) jar caramel ice cream topping
Place butter in a medium skillet and melt over medium heat. Add coconut and pecans, stirring to coat. Saute until coconut and pecans are lightly toasted, about 5 minutes. Set aside.
In a large mixing bowl, whip together condensed milk and cream cheese until fluffy. Fold in whipped topping. Spoon 1/4 of cream cheese mixture into each graham cracker crust. Drizzle each with 1/4 of caramel topping. Repeat layers with remaining cream cheese mixture and caramel. Top each pie with coconut and pecan mixture. Freeze overnight.

Can we say OMG NOM!!..
Especially that dessert!..
I cant wait to see who makes this!
Let me know what you think about it!
I look forward to all your comments!
Until next time Darklings!!

Friday's Review! Arm & Hammer Essential's Corn Cat Litter

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If your like me & have fur babies you cherish,then you do whatever you can to make sure their health & well being are always 1st priority.
For many of us our furkids are just that....Kids.
I am a crazy cat lady.I wont lie..I totally admit it.I have 5 bratty felines who take up alot of my time.Between petting,feeding,and litterbox care they have made it to the ranks of spoiled rotten.
Well I am currently trying very hard everyday to green my home.Its not that its hard,its just a gradual process.You pick one thing and change it.If you have the moolah to change everything at once awesome.But most of us dont.
Well recently I took up the task of changing my current litter.I like most was a clay litter user.Normally flip flopping between Tidy Cat & Arm & Hammer.
I have become a big fan of Arm & Hammer.Well recently they have come out with an all natural litter.Its made of corn!! So me being me I decided to give it a try..
When I got it home I immediatly went and cleaned 1 of the litter boxes that was the closest to needing to be redone out.Filled it with the new corn litter and proceeded to do a test.

Ok just for a bit of back story my usual litter bill looks like this..

For 5 cats, 4 adults 1 kitten.

1 20-30lb pale of clay litter $13.00

2 boxes of plastic sifting cat liners $4.00ea

1 box of Arm & Hammer deoderizor for the boxes $2.00

Bought twice about 75 bucks a month.

That doesnt count the food costs.I am not complaining but if I can save money I am SOOOO down!
So I did a test with the clay litter & corn litter side by side.Took the cats about 2 days to use the corn litter.I let the boxes get gross.Sorry to do an effective test you have to (cat's werent to happy).

I went to clean the boxes about 3 day's later.
I smelled the clay litter something foul.Even with the deoderizor I use,and the extra step's I take to not smell cat butt it was to no avail.After awhile it just stunk bad.I then noticed I still only got a sweet smell from the corn litter.I cleaned the clay box 1st so I could really see if my nose was tricking me. But to my surprise I put a pee ball up to my nose and did not smell hardly any ammonia.For those who have cats you know their pee smells HIGHLY of ammoia.
I was sold....
When it comes to clumping...I think it works really well.I can say that you dont wanna shake to to hard because it will breakup.But everything has its pro's and con's.I also noticed that it doesnt stick to the sides of the box like clay litter does.I've also discovered that it does NOT sift though the plastic sifting cat liners.So if your a liner user only use the one that cover's the bottom.
Also another great thing about the corn litter is that its 100% bio-degradable!So once you need to toss it out you can just toss it into your compost.Be sure to get the poop out 1st,You can leave the urine because it will add acidity to your compost pile which will help it break down faster.
I am so pleased with this product and hope to god they dont get rid of it.I am also super happy with the fact it has taken my plastic use down significantly!Thats always a plus!
I encourage each of you out there who have kitties to atleast try this product!
Its well worth it!!!

Gardening Thursday! This Week Making A Nature Sanctuary

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Photo Credit Missouri Botanical Gardens

W elcome to Gardening Thursdays!
This week I will be talking about making your garden/lawn into a natural attracting oasis!
The one thing most people think about when they think about their yard is grass.
What kind of grass they want ect.
Why do you have to have grass though?
Ever asked yourself that question?
Idk I personally think we are trained for grass.
Like a yard isn't a yard without a perfect carpet of green stuff..
There is also another idea for a backyard that I truly do love.
What about making it something that attracts nature.
If you don't have pets or children this could be perfect.
All you really need is a place big enough to entertain (table,chair's,grill etc).
Then you can landscape around to attract certain critters.
I don't know about you..But there is nothing like hearing the birds sing,the grasshopper's play their tune,cicada's doing their thing (always seems to be when its hell hot.Their the HEY ITS HOT AS HELL OUTSIDE alarm' to mention the color that each critter brings.

Birds are so fun to watch..
They sing,fly,forage all day.
If you have feeder's around that have places for nest's you could have your very own bird family living in your back yard.

Then you would get to see them grow up,learn to fly,learn to live.
Not to mention the music that surrounds having many type's of birds.
An endless symphony that engulfs your ears.
Its truly wonderful.
Color's galore for your eye's to feast on.
Brilliant feather's that gleam in the sunlight like stain glass.
Its truly a wonderful site!
Photo Credit Kentucky Pam

Then there are squirrels.
Some people just hate them.But I can tell you they are some of the cutest little creatures on earth.If you ever have a min to take the time to watch these little guys you would get a good laugh.They run all over the place.Bark at each chase and just have a general cheery disposition.If you keep feeder's out they will be around all the time.Their really an endless source of entertainment.

Photo Credit Chris Hills
Ok now lets talk about some other fun critter's that you can entice into your gardens!!
How bout butterflies and ladybugs!!
Who doesn't love those two little buggies!
To me garden's are so magical.
The wind rustlin through the tree's..
Birds singin & butterflies flitting around.
Photo Credit by Annamatic 3000
Believe it or not you can plant flower's and plants to attract the kinds of critters you want!
So if its butterflies you love,
Then go do the research to find out what sort of flower's attract butterflies.
You can also do the same for humming bird's,and lady bug's!

Plus don't forget to plan things that make you happy and will grow well in your zone.
Not everything will grow everywhere.Sucks I know but them's the breaks of nature.
I love love love fern's but South West Oklahoma kinda burns them up!
So do your your garden space.
Decide on the critter's you wanna attract..
This could also include deer,raccoon's and other wild life..if you have a large open space in the country.
Put up your feeder's and come next summer you will have an amazingly beautiful oasis that both you and your local critter's will totally enjoy!!
Until Next Time Daklings

Happy Gardening Ya'll!!

Green Weds!!! This Week Reuseable's!!

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So Its Green Wednesday once again!
This week we are gonna talk about reusables..
I know you hear alot of talk about using reusable material's & products.
But if you really sit back and think about makes alot of sense.
The United States as a nation is one of the most wasteful in the world.
We have been brainwashed into becoming consumer's and not taking responsibility for what being a consumer actually mean's.
Consumer goods are ment to be thrown away.They last a short while and off to the landfill they go.Clogging up much needed space and earth.Pouring toxins into the landscape that gets into our ground water which poisons us all.
By using reusables you will start to cut down on our consumer impulses.
We will cut down on our trash output.
Cut down your plastic usage;
Plus save lots of money in the process..
So below I am going to introduce you to a few great reusable products that might seem costly at 1st.But once you figure up how much you pay for each of these a month you will see the savings.
Especially you plastic water bottle user's!
Ok 1st up on our reusable journey is:
The Reusable Shopping Bag!
Reusable shopping bag's make tons of sense.They hold as much as a paper sack.More than those crappy plastic sack's & can be used THOUSANDS of times.
They come in a wide array of styles,color's,& durability's.
Most are very durable & are made with either recycled fabric's,hemp,or other organic material's.
You can check out a whole line of these wonderful bags at
When you see the prices of the bag sets don't be put off.
If you don't think that the plastic grocery bags cost you anything let me tell you how wrong you are.
Plastic shopping bags are one of the leading polluter's.
Companies have to pay for those bag's.Which means they adjust their product prices to afford them.
Which means you get hit in the pocket book.
By reducing your plastic bag usage,You reduce the amount of bags a company has to buy.
By doing that you are saving the company money.
Which eventually saves you money.
It only takes 1 person deciding to make a change to change the whole world.
That's how its done.
One person at a time!
Not to mention with reusable shopping bags you save on your own trash output.
Which means you have to buy less trash bags.
Might not seem like much.But even pennies add up!
So check out the totes!
Get a set or two!
Start the anti-plastic movement where you live!

Next on our reusable journey is
Reusable Bottles!!

Here is where most people can really save some money!
Bottled water is one of the most purchased beverages in the United States!
That is so ridiculous.Considering that you can buy a filter and use your own water from home!
Next to plastic bags these are the next most thrown away item in the U.S. trash bin.
Its totally unnecessary to!
By purchasing a reusable water bottle or two you will start putting some green back in your bank.
Most who are avid bottled water user will buy a few cases at a time.
Why do that when you can just reuse a bottle.
Get a filter for your home and fill your bottles up.
Throughout the day there are plenty of places you can get good clean filtered water.
It just makes sense.
This will also reduce your trash output and the use of plastic's.
Check out
There's a reusable bottle for the whole families needs.
They have some really cute children's designs as well.
Start saving money and get you some awesome reusable bottle's today!
3rd on our journey is:
Reusable household good's!
Most of us use lunch bags,plastic storage containers and other everyday kitchen and household goods.Well there is a green solution for that as well!
Even though some of these products are plastic.They are made BPA (bisphenol A) free.There are also many stainless steel options as well.
You can read about BPA here and get better aquanted with its horribleness..
Also another great option is to opt for glass when you can!
People are to afraid of breaking things or getting cut now day's.
If we would all learn to be more careful then life would not be so broke ;)
Also I personally LOVE stainless steel.
It doesn't rust,it lasts FOREVER, its durable when dropped.
Makes the greatest pan's and many other awesome kitchen accessories.
You can also get bowls made out of bamboo and other organic material's.
By cutting down your plastic storage container usage you will again curb your trash output.
How many times have you or your kids popped a glad plastic suppose to be microwavable bowl into the microwave? Next thing ya know its pitted and ruined.
That stuff is going into your food!
Scary huh..
I am not saying I am perfect.I am still purging the plastic's out of my home.Its not uber easy at all.Its really hard to get away from plastic in this day and age.
But making the effort to try helps!
They also make reusable sandwich bags!
That's right!
Talk about cutting down on your plastic wrap/ziplock usage!!
You can clean these bags and their totally sanitary!
Heck if your totally crafty you can make your own!
There are so so so many options out there guys.
Just making the decision to change one thing in your life for the greener will make a huge impact!
Check out the site,Feel free to do a search for more!
Educate yourself on what is being used in your home!
Refuse to be a blind consumer!
Help save the planet one choice at a time!
Until next time darklings!

Herbal Tuesdays!! This Week Echinacea

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This week we are looking at Echinacea...
This is such a wonderful little plant....
Echinacea (purple cone flower)
Echinacea angustifolia
Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea pallida
Botanical Classification
Genus and specie
Echinacea angustifolia,
Echinacea purpurea,
Echinacea pallida
Other names
Purple cone flower, pale purple cone flower,
black sampson, scurvy root, Indian head,
black Susan's and hedgehog.
Description of the herb echinacea
Echinacea is a tall perennial with lance-like leaves about 15cm long.
Purple-pink, daisy-like flowers that smell like honey, with orange-brown centers, are produced in summer to early autumn.
Parts used
The roots, rhizomes and parts above ground are used in herbal preparations.
It is a bitter herb with some aromatic properties, and is used for the boosting effect it has on the immune system.
This healing herb also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects.
It contains polysaccharides (PS I - a 4-O-methylglucuronoarabinoxylan and PS II an acid rhamnoarabinogalactan), caffeic acid, lipophillic polyacetylenes and alkylamides (echinaceine).
It has immune stimulant properties as well as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and is used both topically and orally.

Internal use
Echinacea is the buzzword on boosting the immune system and helping clear up chronic infections.
It is used internally for skin diseases, fungal infections, septicemia, slow-healing wounds, chronic fatigue syndrome, venereal diseases and early stages of coughs and colds.
It is most effective for infection of the respiratory and urinary system.
Medical research proves that Echinacea stimulates the immune system to inhibit viruses and bacteria to enter and take over the cells.
It is used to bolster the immune system in cases of HIV/AIDS - but please see safety precautions below.
External use
Used externally to treat herpes, acne, psoriasis and infected injuries.
It can also be used as a gargle for sore throats.
It is very effective in treating wounds, ulcers and other skin inflammations.
Coneflower is considered a useful product in all cases for improving cutaneous tone and for preventing and regulating blemishes in dry and cracked skins, as well as after acne.

Aromatherapy and essential oil use
None noted.
Safety precautions and warnings
May counteract immunosuppressive drugs.
Strengthening Spells
Wiccan/Magical Use:
Strengthening Spells
Echinacea was used by American Indians as an offering to the spirits to ensure and strengthen spells.
I hope you enjoyed our look at Echinacea!
Its such a wonderous little plant.
I personally believe we should all keep it around for cold and flu season.
Drink the tea and you can bet your immune system will get a much needed kick in the pants!
Couple it with Vit C and your golden!
Let me know what you all think!!
Until Next Time My Darklings!!

Morticia's Midnite Spa Mondays!! This Week Lavender-Eucalytus Bath Salt

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This week in the Spa we are showcasing
Lavender-Eucalytus Bath Salt
This wonderful salt wraps you in the luxery that is Lavender.
Then helps destress you with the scent of Eucalytus.
Both scents mixed together gives a truely relaxing luxurious experiance that makes any bath experiance.
This is such a great relaxing fragrance.This bath salt is wonderful for relieving a stressful day.The lavender will take you on a sweet journey to help relax your mind while the eucalyptus helps take away stress.It also promotes lung health! So breath it in deep!
The contents of this wonderful salt are:
Lavender Flowers-Very fragrant flower that promotes relaxation.Wonderful for helping relieve tension.Helps depression.
Eucalyptus Leaves- promotes lung health.Also a great decongestant.Promotes lung health.Also great to help concentration...
Epsom Salt- Great for helping the body relax and pulls toxins out of you system
Sea Salt- Known for its healing properties.Also doesnt dry your skin out.
Baking Soda- Helps keep your salt from becoming hard and cakey.Also is a light softenr....
Also the actual lavender & eucalyptus plants are in this mixture.
So when done you will probably have to scoop them out of your tub...
So check out the link below
You can get your very own jar of this amazing mixture!!
Cant wait to make something truely custom for you!!

What a week and here I be..

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Happy Sunday Ya'll!!
Ok soooooo can we say this weeks been a bit um..stupid..
Yes we can!
Between grump males who write stupid shit on Facebook..
To bein busy and finally gettin a job!
Thats right!
I got my job back at Bath & Body Works here in Lawton.
You ladies should stop in and come see me!!
Feel's good to have a steady paycheck comin in again.
Not that I dont love shooting, but come on...
When its a hit or miss all the time..that gets a little old..
Lots of personal junk this week to.
Although from what I can tell its just a major male PMS time.
Several people I know were having problems out of their men this week.
Why IDK..but it was just bad..
Workout wise..
Candace and I have added yoga to our routine for tues & thur's.
Can we say..
I did enjoy it though...
But the pain kinda sucked.
We will also start workin out at the gym on Sundays as well.
So yeah that puts me at workin gout 6 days a week.
Im excited and scared at the same time..LOL
We finally got Candaces living room finished.There is no more carpet in her living room!!
We were gonna get her den finished to,
but the people who did it..did an AMAZING job glueing the carpet to the concrete.So that means we will have to take drastic measures to get that stuff up..
So thats for a later summer project.
So so far we got her living room and hall decarpeted!
But the killin carpet got me to and we pulled it out of my living room..
I have a pic here

Yes that's Candaces finger over the We were all so shocked to see the condition of the floor's under this nasty carpet.I dont care what you say.You can NEVER NEVER NEVER get carpet clean.I feel so much better that its outta the living room..I cant wait to get it out of the rest of the house.Its gonna be hard work but its worth it.Each room we pull we gotta reposition the base boards to lower them..So there arent huge gaps between the wall and floor.
My house is gonna be so much cleaner and smell so so much better.
Those of you who have several animal's know that sometimes it doesnt matter how much you clean..Somehow it always smells like animal ass.
Especially if you have carpet!

We are gonna get the Dining room tonite!!..woot!
I am so thankful my awesome landlord is letting us do this.I honestly think its gonna bring up the value of the home because these floors are in such amazing condition!!
Ok well I think that is all for right now..
I think I start at BBW this week.
Im excited.
Gonna be so good to see my BBW girls again! I have missed them alot!
Its amazing how you never think about missing a "job" until you find one thats actually good..
I never did like having a "job" until there.
Its a great place to work and Kerri my store mgr makes it have a fantastic atmosphere.
I never feel like I'm just goin to work..It ends up that it feels more like hangin out with your gal's doin girlie things all day!
Until next time darklings!!

Cookin Sat..A Bit Late but Check out the Nom's!!

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If Summer's known for one thing...
Its picnic's!
So for this weeks blog I'll be sharing some perfect picnic recipe's!!
I do hope ya'll enjoy!!
Let's start with the perfect beverages!!
Its just not a picnic without the stuff that keeps ya cool!!

Amy's Lavender Lemonade

1 tray ice cubes
1/4 cup dried lavender
2 cups boiling water
3/4 cup white sugar
8 lemons
5 cups cold water, or as needed

Place ice cubes into a 2 quart pitcher. Place the lavender into a bowl, and pour boiling water over it. Allow to steep for about 10 minutes, then strain out the lavender and discard. Mix the sugar into the hot lavender water, then pour into the pitcher with the ice.
Squeeze the juice from the lemons into the pitcher, getting as much juice as you can. Top off the pitcher with cold water, and stir. Taste, and adjust lemon juice or sugar if desired. Pour into tall glasses, pull up a lawn chair and a good book, and relax!

Pretty Picnic Salad

5 medium red potatoes
1/2 pound fresh green beans, cut into 2 inch pieces
1 medium red sweet pepper, cut into thin strips
1 cup frozen corn, thawed
1 celery rib, thinly sliced
1 medium carrot, shredded
3 green onions, thinly sliced
1 1/2 cups cubed mozzarella cheese
2/3 cup olive oil
2 garlic cloves, minced
1/4 cup white wine vinegar
2 tablespoons minced fresh thyme
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon pepper

Cut potatoes into 1/2-in. slices; cut each slice into four pieces. Place in a large saucepan and cover with water. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and cook for 15-20 minutes or until tender. Meanwhile, place beans in a small saucepan and cover with water. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and cook for 8-10 minutes or until crisp-tender. Drain potatoes and beans.
In a large bowl, combine the red pepper, corn, celery, carrot, onions and cheese. Add potatoes and beans. In a small bowl, whisk the vinaigrette ingredients. Pour over vegetables; toss to coat. Serve at room temperature or chilled.
Chicken Salad Pita's
1 1/2 cups cubed cooked chicken
1 medium carrot, julienned
1/2 cup julienned cucumber
1/4 cup sliced radishes
1/4 cup sliced ripe olives
1/4 cup cubed mozzarella cheese
1/3 cup Italian salad dressing
5 (6 inch) pita flat breads
Lettuce Leaves

In a bowl, combine the chicken, carrot, cucumber, radishes, olives and cheese.
Add dressing and toss to coat.
Line pita breads with lettuce leaves.
Stuff about 1/3 cup chicken mixture into each half.

For My Vegetarian follower's
Delicious Cucumber Sandwich's

1 (8 ounce) package whipped cream cheese
1 (.7 ounce) package dry Italian-style salad dressing mix
1 (1 pound) loaf cocktail rye bread
1 cucumber, thinly sliced

In a small bowl, mix whipped cream cheese and dry Italian-style dressing mix.
Spread equal portions of the mixture on slices of the cocktail rye bread.
Top each with a slice of cucumber.
And since all great picnic's aren't complete unless there is a delicious dessert..
How about trying a bread!!

Blueberry Zucchini Bread


3 eggs, lightly beaten
1 cup vegetable oil
3 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 1/4 cups white sugar
2 cups shredded zucchini
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 pint fresh blueberries


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
Lightly grease 4 mini-loaf pans.
In a large bowl, beat together the eggs, oil, vanilla, and sugar.
Fold in the zucchini.
Beat in the flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon.
Gently fold in the blueberries.
Transfer to the prepared mini-loaf pans.
Bake 50 minutes in the preheated oven, or until a knife
inserted in the center of a loaf comes out clean.
Cool 20 minutes in pans, then turn out onto wire racks to cool completely.

Photo Credit Anna Fischer
Alrighty my dawlings!!
I hope this inspires you to get outside and have a picnic with your special someone or with your very special family!!
There's nothing like sitting around a home made lunch in the middle of a great park or nature.
One of my mom's favorite things when we were kids was gathering us up for picnic's when she could.
We didn't get to do them very often.
But She tried to get them in when she could.
They can defiantly be fond memories.
If its uber hot where you live..make it a breakfast picnic.
Go in the early morning..
Wait till the sun starts goin down and the temp starts cooling off.
Do a dinner picnic!
If you live close to a beach..then that's just an excuse to go enjoy the wonder of the ocean's!
Until next time Darklings!!

Gardening Thursdays...

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T his week I am gonna showcase a family who live totally sustainable.
Grow their own food in the middle of a city!
Meet the Dervae family..
A fully self sustained family who live in the middle of a southern California city..
I will let their website and the video below speak for me.
Its hard to do this place justice.
They have done what many think is impossible when living in a city.
Let this family be the inspiration you need to become greener and more self sustained!
Its not hard.Just takes making a choice!!

Until Next time muh darklings!!!

A Late Green Weds...Diatomaceous Earth!

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This green Wednesday we will be taking a look at Diatomaceous earth.
Your thinking..Diato-whata...
This wonderful flower like substance will help you keep your bugs under control (flea's,ticks,bed bugs,creepy crawlies in general).
Then you can turn around and both you and your animals can ingest the stuff to keep yourselves healthy!!
That's right!!
Kills bugs & But is TOTALLY healthy for humans and animals!!
Below is the video from
This video will explain what Diatomaceous Earth is..
Its uses and many more goodies..
My father ordered a 50lb bag for the family.I got about 5lbs of it.
I have already started putting it in my animals food and taking a tablespoon for myself.
I will also list below a list of things its use for and ailments it helps relieve!!
So now to the video!!

The many Applications of Diatomaceous Earth
Source from the Earthworks Health info page they send with your order.

Organic Insect Control
Everyone loves the fact that DE is totally drug and chemical free.Not only is DE safe to use,bugs can not become immune to its effects like they do with chemicals. De kills all insects by scratching off their waxy protective coating,causing them to dehydrate. Most insects die in an hour or so.Blow is a listing of the different ways people are applying DE:

1. Dusting on gardens,flowers,plants,bushes and trees
2. Applying a 2inch border around foundation of their house.
3. Sprinkling in and around animal and pet housing
4. pouring on and down ant hills (including fire ants!!)
5. Spreading over large area's with a fertilizer spreader or duster.
6. Sprinkling in carpet, furniture, etc. to kill infestations
7. Mixing with water and spraying on whitewashing infested area's
8. Add to stored grain or foodstuff's
9. Dusting in studding during constructions to create a permanent bug guard.

Pet's & Livestock:

We continue to get hundreds of reports on how DE takes care of flea's,ticks,mites,etc on the outside & worms & parasites on the inside. This is exciting because DE is no-drug and non-chemical.

DE is being used on pets & livestock in the following ways:
1. Dusting DE on the coats of dog's & cat's for flea,tick & lice control
2. Adding DE to food each day for worm and parasite control.
3. Adding DE to food for joint, skin, & hair coat health.
4. Adding DE to ration to kill fly larva in manure.
5. Using on birds/poultry for lice & mite control
6. Applying to moist kennel area's for pest & oder control.

Human Use

Many people including all of the employee's at earthworkshealth,are taking food grade DE everyday. You might ask--"How can something that kills bugs be good for people?" Remember, DE kills bugs by scratching them to death,No chemicals are involved. For people, DE is a source of available silica. Silica is a major mineral we all need that is lacking in our foodstuffs today. Most are taking 1 tablespoon of DE per day in juice,pop,applesauce,yogurt,protein shakes,or another liquid of their choice.After hundreds of feed back this is what we are hearing from others:
1. Sore joints feeling better.
2. Lower cholesterol (usually 50-70 points)
3. Lowering high blood pressure.
4. Keeping blood sugar levels stable.
5. More Energy
6. Healthier skin.Softer, less itching, faster healing, psoriasis gone.
7. Stronger and healthier nails and hair.
8. Calming nerves and better sleep.
9. Aid in weight loss.
10. Cleansing digestive tract of parasites.

Okie dokie ya'll...

I have just started my journey with DE.But I will defiantly keep you posted on how my body and my animals are reacting to this amazing stuff.Although I suggest when you take your DE to put it in something like yogurt,a smoothie or other thicker substance.When taken with liquid you have to stir constantly.

Here is another video from a real person who uses DE everyday in their life.

If you are interested in ordering your own batch of diatomaceous earth you can do so here

Until next time my darklings!!!

Herbal Tuesday..A bit late but lets look at Ginger!!

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I am so so so so so so so so so sorry guys!
Life's been a bit weird and off and so I couldn't get to my blog this week.
But I'm a making up for it by posting me arse off!
Today we are looking at ginger!
This is a wonderful little plant with alot of medicinal qualities..
Looks kinda knarly but its awesomeness!!
I personally have benefited from its medicinal properties..
When I was younger I got really sick when I lived in Dallas.My roommate at the time was an very sweet Asian girl and she made me Ginger Soup.
Took a min to get use to it.But It helped me kick whatever I had at the time..
Botanical Classification
Genus and specie
Zingiber officinale, Roscoe

Other names
Jamaica ginger and Sheng Jiang.

Description of the herb ginger
Ginger is a deciduous perennial with thick, branching rhizomes and sturdy, upright stems with pointed lance-like leaves. Yellow-green flowers, with a deep purple lip with a yellow marking are produced, followed by the fruits, which resemble fleshy capsules.

Parts used
The fresh and dried rhizomes are used and an essential oil is also extracted.
Ginger is a sweet, pungent and aromatic herb that has expectorant properties. The herb increases perspiration, improves digestion and liver function, controls nausea, vomiting and coughing. It stimulates circulation, relaxes spasms and relieves pain.
The taste of this herb is caused by the numerous gingerols, such as [6]-gingerol, found in the plant and the volatile essential oil also contains monoterpenoids (camphene, b-phellandrene, neral and geranial), diterpene lactones, such as galanolactone, as well as sesquiterpenes (a-zingiberene and ar-curcumene).
Internal use
Ginger is used internally for motion sickness, nausea, morning sickness, indigestion, colic, abdominal chills, colds, coughs, influenza and peripheral circulatory problems.
It is a very "warming" herb, and is used in "cold" conditions like frigidity and impotence.
Some hypoglycaemic, cholesterol lowering, immune stimulant and anti-inflammatory properties have been noted.
It has a very beneficial effect on ulcers, and also increases peristalsis and the secretion of bile and gastric juices.
In Chinese medicine, it is used for nausea, vomiting, fever, cold, cough, nasal discharge, blood in the urine, abdominal unease and feeling of fullness as well as chronic bronchitis.
Green ginger (fresh young rhizomes) is juiced, eaten raw, preserved and candied.
External use
Used externally for spasmodic pain, rheumatism, lumbago, menstrual cramps and sprains.
Aromatherapy and essential oil use
To warm the body and the mind, ginger essential oil is most effective. It sharpens the senses and memory.
It will also "ground" a person, while stimulating the mind, and is very effective in removing excess moisture in the body - such as catarrh and phlegm.
Furthermore it boosts the digestive system and is valuable in fighting nausea and motion sickness - be that car or sea. The circulation boosting properties helps the entire body and its analgesic affect aids with rheumatic and arthritic pain.
On the skin it reduces bruises, sores and carbuncles.
It has analgesic, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, bactericidal, carminative, emmenagogue, expectorant, febrifuge, laxative, rubefacient, stimulant, stomachic and tonic properties.
Safety precautions and warnings
The herb should not to be taken or used by people with inflammatory skin complaints, ulcers of the digestive tract, or high fever.
The essential oil should be avoided during pregnancy and should be used with caution, as it may irritate sensitive skins.
Other uses for ginger are...
Treating Nausea:
The brew has been used in traditional Asian medicine to treat nausea. Pregnant women report relief from morning sickness after consuming small amounts of ginger root, ginger tea, and ginger ale. When given in large doses, ginger also relieves chemotherapy-related nausea.
Relieving Joint Pain:
Ginger has been used to treat joint pain by stimulating blood circulation and has been used to relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and Raynaud's syndrome.
Digestive Disorders:
The herb can be used to address flatulence, indigestion, and diarrhea. It does this by mimicking some digestive enzymes used to process protein in the body.
Promoting Heart Health:
As little as 5 grams of dried ginger a day has shown to slow the production of triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol in the liver.
Ginger also has been linked to preventing platelets from sticking together, a condition that could increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.
Treating Colds:
Drinking ginger herbal tea is sometimes recommended for relief of cold symptoms because it is said to loosen phlegm and fight chills by spreading a warm feeling throughout the body.
Always consult with your doctor before consuming ginger herbal tea for medicinal purposes. Ms. Mary warns that pregnant women should be careful not to consume too much ginger because it may stimulate uterine contractions.
People taking blood thinners, barbiturates, beta-blockers, insulin or diabetes medications should consult a physician before use since ginger may conflict with these medications. Ginger may also interfere with the absorption of dietary iron and fat-soluble vitamins, and cause stomach upset in higher doses.
Also, because ginger helps thin the blood, it should not be taken two weeks prior to surgery. For more information, visit
Here's a recipe for Ginger Tea
It helps with tummy & sore throat issues.
Plus all the other good medicinal things ginger is known for!
About a 3 inch piece of ginger root
6 Cups of water
Grate the ginger as fine as you can get it, leaving the skin on.
Put the ginger in the 6 cups of water and bring to a boil
Once the water is boiling, simmer it on low for about 15 – 20 min
Use a fine strainer and ladle to pour out the tea into a cup, toss the ginger in the strainer back into the pot
You can add lemon if you wish as well.
Add about a teaspoon of honey or to your likeness.
Sip slowly and enjoy!
Thanks so much Darklings!!!
Be lookin for the other blogs to follow!