Morticia's Midnite Spa Mondays!!

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Happy Monday My Darklings!!!
Its that time again!
Time to feature another product from my Etsy store!!
This week we are looking at my Ultimate Mint Bath salt!

This bath salt combines the scents of peppermint herb & oil as well as spearmint!
That's right!!
Not only do you get peppermint,but the I added spearmint to give a total minty experiences!
This makes bath time so wonderful.Once your out of the tub your skin has that minty cool feeling.It leaves your skin feeling totally refreshed & is awesome for hot summer day's!
When used in the bath this salt can help relieve stress..
Relax the muscles and help with breathing function.The natural menthol is so good for the lung's and sinuses!!
The ingredients in this bath salt are:
Peppermint leaves & essential oil
Spearmint leaves
Epsom Salt
Sea Salt
Baking Soda!
This Salt is 100% all natural!!
I refuse to put anything in my products that aren't natural.
That is my promise to you!
I am still working on adding and researching new products to my store..
I hope to offer soap,lotions,milk baths, and much more!
Keep checking the store for new items!
Thank you so much for reading!
I look forward to creating something just for you!