A Late Green Weds...Diatomaceous Earth!

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This green Wednesday we will be taking a look at Diatomaceous earth.
Your thinking..Diato-whata...
This wonderful flower like substance will help you keep your bugs under control (flea's,ticks,bed bugs,creepy crawlies in general).
Then you can turn around and both you and your animals can ingest the stuff to keep yourselves healthy!!
That's right!!
Kills bugs & But is TOTALLY healthy for humans and animals!!
Below is the video from
This video will explain what Diatomaceous Earth is..
Its uses and many more goodies..
My father ordered a 50lb bag for the family.I got about 5lbs of it.
I have already started putting it in my animals food and taking a tablespoon for myself.
I will also list below a list of things its use for and ailments it helps relieve!!
So now to the video!!

The many Applications of Diatomaceous Earth
Source from the Earthworks Health info page they send with your order.

Organic Insect Control
Everyone loves the fact that DE is totally drug and chemical free.Not only is DE safe to use,bugs can not become immune to its effects like they do with chemicals. De kills all insects by scratching off their waxy protective coating,causing them to dehydrate. Most insects die in an hour or so.Blow is a listing of the different ways people are applying DE:

1. Dusting on gardens,flowers,plants,bushes and trees
2. Applying a 2inch border around foundation of their house.
3. Sprinkling in and around animal and pet housing
4. pouring on and down ant hills (including fire ants!!)
5. Spreading over large area's with a fertilizer spreader or duster.
6. Sprinkling in carpet, furniture, etc. to kill infestations
7. Mixing with water and spraying on whitewashing infested area's
8. Add to stored grain or foodstuff's
9. Dusting in studding during constructions to create a permanent bug guard.

Pet's & Livestock:

We continue to get hundreds of reports on how DE takes care of flea's,ticks,mites,etc on the outside & worms & parasites on the inside. This is exciting because DE is no-drug and non-chemical.

DE is being used on pets & livestock in the following ways:
1. Dusting DE on the coats of dog's & cat's for flea,tick & lice control
2. Adding DE to food each day for worm and parasite control.
3. Adding DE to food for joint, skin, & hair coat health.
4. Adding DE to ration to kill fly larva in manure.
5. Using on birds/poultry for lice & mite control
6. Applying to moist kennel area's for pest & oder control.

Human Use

Many people including all of the employee's at earthworkshealth,are taking food grade DE everyday. You might ask--"How can something that kills bugs be good for people?" Remember, DE kills bugs by scratching them to death,No chemicals are involved. For people, DE is a source of available silica. Silica is a major mineral we all need that is lacking in our foodstuffs today. Most are taking 1 tablespoon of DE per day in juice,pop,applesauce,yogurt,protein shakes,or another liquid of their choice.After hundreds of feed back this is what we are hearing from others:
1. Sore joints feeling better.
2. Lower cholesterol (usually 50-70 points)
3. Lowering high blood pressure.
4. Keeping blood sugar levels stable.
5. More Energy
6. Healthier skin.Softer, less itching, faster healing, psoriasis gone.
7. Stronger and healthier nails and hair.
8. Calming nerves and better sleep.
9. Aid in weight loss.
10. Cleansing digestive tract of parasites.

Okie dokie ya'll...

I have just started my journey with DE.But I will defiantly keep you posted on how my body and my animals are reacting to this amazing stuff.Although I suggest when you take your DE to put it in something like yogurt,a smoothie or other thicker substance.When taken with liquid you have to stir constantly.

Here is another video from a real person who uses DE everyday in their life.

If you are interested in ordering your own batch of diatomaceous earth you can do so here


Until next time my darklings!!!