Blogging Schedual...

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Hey there people!!
I finally figured out the schedual for my postings!!
Now I wont say I'll stick to this 100% but hey things come up!..
Ok so this is the order thus far...

Mon : Morticia's Midnite Spa
Tues : Herbs
Wed : Green/eco living
Thurs: Gardening
Fri : Product Review's
Sat : Recipe's
Sun: Personal blog's

Okie dokie now to explain each day!!

Alrighty here goes..

Monday's will be dedicated to my etsy shop.Morticia's Midnite Spa is my own personal line of 100% all natural bath and body products.
Catering to those eco darklings..
Remember just cause we are gorgeous creatures of the nite doesnt mean we dont like saving the planet!!
All of my products are 100% natural and I will use the least amount of plastic as I can.Most of what I make will come in glass jar's..Which means that once their empty their reusable! YAY!!
So be lookin each monday for new prodcuts from Morticia's Midnte Spa!! (wont just starting up so I may start out featuring differant scents!!..hehe
Give me time give me time!

Herbal Tuesdays!!
I am looking forward to Tues' because I get to learn right along with you guys!
Each tuesday I will be featuring a differant herb.So I will be researching all sorts of tidbits about each herb,their uses be it medicinal,aromatherpy,cooking,magical etc..
There will be pagan posting's here.So if you are not pagan thats ok..use it as a learning tool to undrestand the herb's for their every day use(medicinal etc).

Green Wednesdays!!
Thats right..Wed's is the day I give you green to's and enviromental updates.
I hope to show you how you can become greener.Alot of people think its really difficult but its really not.The key is baby steps..
If you try to do it all at once you will get frusterated and give up.But if you take baby steps and just change one thing at a time you will see that soon your whole existence has changed for the greener!! WOOT!! That makes mother earth very very happy!

Gardening Thurday's!!
This is forgieng territory to me.My dad's the green thumb.But I have started gardening this summer and I have found its enjoyable (although recent stresses have caused me to neglect my green babies outside)..
I hope to put tips and how to's here along with my own personal gardening journey.My messup's and successes.Plus pictures and vids on showing you my personal garden.

Product review Fridays!
On friday's I will be reviewing products I use..
Everything from people I buy from to products I use.This is where some of the green products will leak in .I hope to bring awareness to alot of natural products as well as small buisness owners.
Being a small buisness owner mysel I understand how big word of mouth is.

Cooking Saturdays!!
On Saturdays I hope to share differant recipe's and such with you.If I find something fun or a chef I am particularly fond of..
So be lookin for the nom's on Sat!

Personal Blog Sundays!!
Just what it says..Its all about me on Sundays ...This is the day when I just post my ramblings..
So I warn you..there is no tellin what Sundays hold!!.. HAHAHA
Also Sunday's will be my weightloss updates.I will be resuming workouts on Monday's,Wednesday's,& Fridays..But instead of trying to keep up with posting each day..I will just do a week's review on sundays.Then once a month I will do weights and measures..
But still..warning..never know whats gonna fly outta me mouth!

Ok ladies and gents!!
I claim to be no expert on these subjects.But I do hope to help those become greener,learn how its easy to be greener,have fun learnin about some herbs,and have fun doin everything else!! WOOT!
Cant wait to hear what you all think! Remember to spread the word and subscribe!
Until nextime loverlies!!