Green Wednesday! This Week Composting Toilets!

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This week we talk poop!
*cue unanimous giggle*
So if you think about your bathroom..and how much water it really uses does it make cringe?
It does me..especially when I think about how much water is wasted in the toilet.
I know my water bill could be cut in half if it didn't use water at all..
I know odd concept
But what if I told you that you could still have an indoor toilet ..
Not use water..
Not have an oder problem and still be good for the environment?
Well my dear's there is something that actually exists in the toilet world.
Nothing says' green like composting your own poop!
Below I will let the video's speak for themselves.
I am so gonna have one of these when I am able to afford it.
Its not a gross concept at all.There are several places in Europe that now use them for public toilets.
Think how much money the city could save if all the toilets went natural!
Not to mention that if they did this with port-a-potties life would be less gross!
Raise your hand if u have a port-a-potty phobia!
(raises hand and cringes at the thought of them)
Ok well without further adu
Here be ze toilets

And if you want a more affordable option check the vid below!

Alrighty my darklings!!
Isn't this like uber cool! Plus there is no smell..Talk about using your poop for some good!..
Humanure is becoming a fastly usable resource.
So if you have a large
Just think ;o)

This takes your composting to new levels!
Between using a worm bin for food and paper scraps,then using a composting toilet you will never need to buy dirt!!!
Plus the money you'll save on water..
YAY saving money!!
Plus its insanely good for the environment.

Until next time my darklings!!


Lisa Sharp said...

I'm getting caught up on blogs and saw this, it's good timing because the UN just declared clean water and sanitation a basic right. I also wrote about this issue-