I know..I fail...

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Hello ya'll!!
I know I didn't have a blog yesterday..and there's not gonna be a review today.
Well yesterday was full of errand running..and such..
I don't have anything I wanna review..
Which is kind of a lie in a round about way..haha

Ok well as far as my gardening Thursday.I really couldn't think of anything to write about.Yes I know there are like endless things to write about.But My brain wasn't working yesterday.
I can tell you that soon I will be writing on how to make a vermaculture bin(worm bin).
Very awesome stuff.

Now on to Friday's review sort of..
As we all know I am currently on a weight loss journey.
I weight over 300lb's and I'm sick of it so there for I am workin my ass off literally to get it gone..
Well between doing alot of research on what to eat and not to eat and such.
I have a personal trainer!
Photo credit Mistie May Studios

Meet Candace!
Photo taken by me...
So about 5 to 6 times a week she comes over to bust my ass...
There are day's I think she's tryin to kill me..haha
But she found a great tool online to help us with the getting bored with the same ol routine

It is

That have TON'S of free workout videos.
Both full length and mini.
Let me tell ya..some of those mini workouts will kick your ass as hard as the full length ones!
There is a great Pilate's leg work out that we do that even makes Candace feel the burn..and this is a woman who work's out ALL the friggin time..

Its a great site because you can do something different every single day.
So that means no muscle memory issues!
That also means getting results and not dealing with the big plateau!
So check out the site

So get your workout on ya'll!!!


willow said...

fantastic!...now if i was only motivated to actually work out instead of just thinking about it! LOL!