Gardening Thursday! This Week Making A Nature Sanctuary

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Photo Credit Missouri Botanical Gardens

W elcome to Gardening Thursdays!
This week I will be talking about making your garden/lawn into a natural attracting oasis!
The one thing most people think about when they think about their yard is grass.
What kind of grass they want ect.
Why do you have to have grass though?
Ever asked yourself that question?
Idk I personally think we are trained for grass.
Like a yard isn't a yard without a perfect carpet of green stuff..
There is also another idea for a backyard that I truly do love.
What about making it something that attracts nature.
If you don't have pets or children this could be perfect.
All you really need is a place big enough to entertain (table,chair's,grill etc).
Then you can landscape around to attract certain critters.
I don't know about you..But there is nothing like hearing the birds sing,the grasshopper's play their tune,cicada's doing their thing (always seems to be when its hell hot.Their the HEY ITS HOT AS HELL OUTSIDE alarm' to mention the color that each critter brings.

Birds are so fun to watch..
They sing,fly,forage all day.
If you have feeder's around that have places for nest's you could have your very own bird family living in your back yard.

Then you would get to see them grow up,learn to fly,learn to live.
Not to mention the music that surrounds having many type's of birds.
An endless symphony that engulfs your ears.
Its truly wonderful.
Color's galore for your eye's to feast on.
Brilliant feather's that gleam in the sunlight like stain glass.
Its truly a wonderful site!
Photo Credit Kentucky Pam

Then there are squirrels.
Some people just hate them.But I can tell you they are some of the cutest little creatures on earth.If you ever have a min to take the time to watch these little guys you would get a good laugh.They run all over the place.Bark at each chase and just have a general cheery disposition.If you keep feeder's out they will be around all the time.Their really an endless source of entertainment.

Photo Credit Chris Hills
Ok now lets talk about some other fun critter's that you can entice into your gardens!!
How bout butterflies and ladybugs!!
Who doesn't love those two little buggies!
To me garden's are so magical.
The wind rustlin through the tree's..
Birds singin & butterflies flitting around.
Photo Credit by Annamatic 3000
Believe it or not you can plant flower's and plants to attract the kinds of critters you want!
So if its butterflies you love,
Then go do the research to find out what sort of flower's attract butterflies.
You can also do the same for humming bird's,and lady bug's!

Plus don't forget to plan things that make you happy and will grow well in your zone.
Not everything will grow everywhere.Sucks I know but them's the breaks of nature.
I love love love fern's but South West Oklahoma kinda burns them up!
So do your your garden space.
Decide on the critter's you wanna attract..
This could also include deer,raccoon's and other wild life..if you have a large open space in the country.
Put up your feeder's and come next summer you will have an amazingly beautiful oasis that both you and your local critter's will totally enjoy!!
Until Next Time Daklings

Happy Gardening Ya'll!!