Its Sunday!! That means I get to ramble!

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Well its Sunday and I can say that this weekend has been eventful.
I helped my darling friend Candace pull up her living room carpet...
Below is the slideshow of the progress.
We worked our butt's off yesterday and were just worn out!

Our darling friend Lori came over after work to help and my honey showed up at around 6 for dinner and ended up helping also.So it became a real group effort.Which was awesome!
There is still carpet under the entertainment system and the computer desk.But that will come up very soon.
We wanted to start the den but found out that the actual floor is concreate and the carpet is glued very very well.So that is gonna be the last carpet renovation because the whole floor will have to be redone..
But there is gorgeous hardwood in the rest of the house..
So the carpet pulling will resume again soon..
Hmm..what else..
Well I am on an insomnia binge..Why...well part of it is I am naturally nocturnal...
So having to live during the day sucks balls!
So ever so often my natural clock kick's in and prevents me from sleeping.
In turn it sucks.So last nite was nite 3 of no friggin sleep.It was annoying as hell.
Spent the nite at Lori's last nite.Wasnt planned..just kinda
It was nice though,Candace got some much needed sleep..the poor girl..
Her husband just got deployed to afganastain so lets just say..she's not sleepin to well..
I dont blame her I wouldnt either.
Thats why we are kind of rallying around her and keeping her busy and happy and full of things to do.
We will start working outmore more..from what I can tell its gonna be 6 day's a week now.That will be cool..that means the weight should fall off a bit faster now..
The usual time's Mon,Wed,& Fri will be our usual workout.
Then on Tues and Thur's will be yoga..Then sunday's we will workout at the gym early in the morning when no one's there.
Will be nice to get outta the house..
This past week was the full startup for us after Candace got back from South Carolina and after her hubby deployed.So both of us are sore!..
Tis bad when the trainers like...."oh man ouch..ok feelin that today"..
So we ae both in the same boat this week.Course she'll bounce back faster than I will.
But she's a workout
Im also gonna be goin back to work somewhere.
My photography is dead..and Im tired of fighting it.So I am gonna go get a job to have a steady paycheck.This doesnt mean Im closing down.Just not working as hard for it.I'll still book if people want Im not closing down ya'll...
Well ...I think that is all for this sunday's balbber session..
Be sure to check out tomarrow's blog to see which product I am showin off!!
Later dawlinks!!