Herbal Tuesdays!! This Week Echinacea

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This week we are looking at Echinacea...
This is such a wonderful little plant....
Echinacea (purple cone flower)
Echinacea angustifolia
Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea pallida
Botanical Classification
Genus and specie
Echinacea angustifolia,
Echinacea purpurea,
Echinacea pallida
Other names
Purple cone flower, pale purple cone flower,
black sampson, scurvy root, Indian head,
black Susan's and hedgehog.
Description of the herb echinacea
Echinacea is a tall perennial with lance-like leaves about 15cm long.
Purple-pink, daisy-like flowers that smell like honey, with orange-brown centers, are produced in summer to early autumn.
Parts used
The roots, rhizomes and parts above ground are used in herbal preparations.
It is a bitter herb with some aromatic properties, and is used for the boosting effect it has on the immune system.
This healing herb also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects.
It contains polysaccharides (PS I - a 4-O-methylglucuronoarabinoxylan and PS II an acid rhamnoarabinogalactan), caffeic acid, lipophillic polyacetylenes and alkylamides (echinaceine).
It has immune stimulant properties as well as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and is used both topically and orally.

Internal use
Echinacea is the buzzword on boosting the immune system and helping clear up chronic infections.
It is used internally for skin diseases, fungal infections, septicemia, slow-healing wounds, chronic fatigue syndrome, venereal diseases and early stages of coughs and colds.
It is most effective for infection of the respiratory and urinary system.
Medical research proves that Echinacea stimulates the immune system to inhibit viruses and bacteria to enter and take over the cells.
It is used to bolster the immune system in cases of HIV/AIDS - but please see safety precautions below.
External use
Used externally to treat herpes, acne, psoriasis and infected injuries.
It can also be used as a gargle for sore throats.
It is very effective in treating wounds, ulcers and other skin inflammations.
Coneflower is considered a useful product in all cases for improving cutaneous tone and for preventing and regulating blemishes in dry and cracked skins, as well as after acne.

Aromatherapy and essential oil use
None noted.
Safety precautions and warnings
May counteract immunosuppressive drugs.
Strengthening Spells
Wiccan/Magical Use:
Strengthening Spells
Echinacea was used by American Indians as an offering to the spirits to ensure and strengthen spells.
I hope you enjoyed our look at Echinacea!
Its such a wonderous little plant.
I personally believe we should all keep it around for cold and flu season.
Drink the tea and you can bet your immune system will get a much needed kick in the pants!
Couple it with Vit C and your golden!
Let me know what you all think!!
Until Next Time My Darklings!!


OCUPADA said...

Your blog is beautiful! Your YOU is beautiful! (passes out) In other exciting news: my word verification for this comment was "deurnina". Which I found to be deurlightful :)

willow said...

fantastic! very informative! thanks! and to follow in ocupada's footsteps...my word verification for this comment is 'lollis'...my goal for the day is to make a definition for it and then use it in a sentence...much to the dismay of the people i work with!!!