Green Weds!!! This Week Reuseable's!!

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So Its Green Wednesday once again!
This week we are gonna talk about reusables..
I know you hear alot of talk about using reusable material's & products.
But if you really sit back and think about makes alot of sense.
The United States as a nation is one of the most wasteful in the world.
We have been brainwashed into becoming consumer's and not taking responsibility for what being a consumer actually mean's.
Consumer goods are ment to be thrown away.They last a short while and off to the landfill they go.Clogging up much needed space and earth.Pouring toxins into the landscape that gets into our ground water which poisons us all.
By using reusables you will start to cut down on our consumer impulses.
We will cut down on our trash output.
Cut down your plastic usage;
Plus save lots of money in the process..
So below I am going to introduce you to a few great reusable products that might seem costly at 1st.But once you figure up how much you pay for each of these a month you will see the savings.
Especially you plastic water bottle user's!
Ok 1st up on our reusable journey is:
The Reusable Shopping Bag!
Reusable shopping bag's make tons of sense.They hold as much as a paper sack.More than those crappy plastic sack's & can be used THOUSANDS of times.
They come in a wide array of styles,color's,& durability's.
Most are very durable & are made with either recycled fabric's,hemp,or other organic material's.
You can check out a whole line of these wonderful bags at
When you see the prices of the bag sets don't be put off.
If you don't think that the plastic grocery bags cost you anything let me tell you how wrong you are.
Plastic shopping bags are one of the leading polluter's.
Companies have to pay for those bag's.Which means they adjust their product prices to afford them.
Which means you get hit in the pocket book.
By reducing your plastic bag usage,You reduce the amount of bags a company has to buy.
By doing that you are saving the company money.
Which eventually saves you money.
It only takes 1 person deciding to make a change to change the whole world.
That's how its done.
One person at a time!
Not to mention with reusable shopping bags you save on your own trash output.
Which means you have to buy less trash bags.
Might not seem like much.But even pennies add up!
So check out the totes!
Get a set or two!
Start the anti-plastic movement where you live!

Next on our reusable journey is
Reusable Bottles!!

Here is where most people can really save some money!
Bottled water is one of the most purchased beverages in the United States!
That is so ridiculous.Considering that you can buy a filter and use your own water from home!
Next to plastic bags these are the next most thrown away item in the U.S. trash bin.
Its totally unnecessary to!
By purchasing a reusable water bottle or two you will start putting some green back in your bank.
Most who are avid bottled water user will buy a few cases at a time.
Why do that when you can just reuse a bottle.
Get a filter for your home and fill your bottles up.
Throughout the day there are plenty of places you can get good clean filtered water.
It just makes sense.
This will also reduce your trash output and the use of plastic's.
Check out
There's a reusable bottle for the whole families needs.
They have some really cute children's designs as well.
Start saving money and get you some awesome reusable bottle's today!
3rd on our journey is:
Reusable household good's!
Most of us use lunch bags,plastic storage containers and other everyday kitchen and household goods.Well there is a green solution for that as well!
Even though some of these products are plastic.They are made BPA (bisphenol A) free.There are also many stainless steel options as well.
You can read about BPA here and get better aquanted with its horribleness..
Also another great option is to opt for glass when you can!
People are to afraid of breaking things or getting cut now day's.
If we would all learn to be more careful then life would not be so broke ;)
Also I personally LOVE stainless steel.
It doesn't rust,it lasts FOREVER, its durable when dropped.
Makes the greatest pan's and many other awesome kitchen accessories.
You can also get bowls made out of bamboo and other organic material's.
By cutting down your plastic storage container usage you will again curb your trash output.
How many times have you or your kids popped a glad plastic suppose to be microwavable bowl into the microwave? Next thing ya know its pitted and ruined.
That stuff is going into your food!
Scary huh..
I am not saying I am perfect.I am still purging the plastic's out of my home.Its not uber easy at all.Its really hard to get away from plastic in this day and age.
But making the effort to try helps!
They also make reusable sandwich bags!
That's right!
Talk about cutting down on your plastic wrap/ziplock usage!!
You can clean these bags and their totally sanitary!
Heck if your totally crafty you can make your own!
There are so so so many options out there guys.
Just making the decision to change one thing in your life for the greener will make a huge impact!
Check out the site,Feel free to do a search for more!
Educate yourself on what is being used in your home!
Refuse to be a blind consumer!
Help save the planet one choice at a time!
Until next time darklings!


Lisa Sharp said...

I love reusables! And is one of my favorite stores.

My favorite reusables are Glass Dharma's glass straws, Klean Kanteen water bottles, EcoBags reusable bags, Pyrex food storage, LunchBots for reusable lunch gear,Citizenpip and Kids Konserve for lunch kits, and Skoy cloths for cleaning.

Morticia said...

Thanks so much Lisa!!
I'll have to check out some of the ones in your list I dont recognize..
I am an avid lover of pyrex..that stuff is so great!
Im just now getting to the point where I can start collectiong my reusable item's.
When I went to the bread store the other day I got 4 of their eco bags.Was an easy way to stat at .99cents a bag.
I am so enjoying changing my whole home.Its not as tedious as many thing..and its very rewarding!

Anonymous said...

The spouse & I switched from paper plates and plastic utencils, to the REI camping cookset we got for a wedding gift. Washes up like a dream and for some reason doesn't actually *feel* like doing the dishes (I loathe and dispise doing the dishes - hence the paper plate addiction). Aren't you so proud of me? (pats back) The grocery store we frequent GIVES us a nickle for every reusable bag we bring to load our groceries in. See? If the people saw insta-cash more often I'd wager the transition wouldn't seem so 7th generation. (impatient lazy bones that we are)

Willow said...

Thank you so much for posting this site!

Morticia's Rabbit Hole said...

@ OCUPADA..Thats very awesome and a great idea!!..
Also another great way to get rid of your paper & food waste is to make a worm bin!!
Those little guys will eat all that waste and make dirt & tea which are AMAZING for your plants!
I will be posting a blog very soon on worm bin's.
My dad makes them..their awesome!

@ Willow... You are most welcome doll!!

willow said...

Re-usables kick butt! One of our grocery stores (a Fortino's) has re-usable bags that are made from recycled water bottles! Super durable, washable black fabric that won't stain and lasts for ever!

Sasquatch NC said...

I totally agree with your webpage...I'm tired of being another brainwashed wasteful person in the United States... It's time we come together through and learn how to love our planet again. You never know what the future holds so I support everyone in their efforts to clean up our country and STOP being litter bugs!!!