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Hi ladies and gents!
Ok well I know I've been seriously MIA for a good while.
I've been going through a lot.
Went through a separation from Saraphina's father,
I had to move back home with my parents.. and then in Feb of 2013 I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called
Primary Billiary Cirrhosis of the Liver Stage 3.
Yeah.. aint that some shit!
Remember when I was pregnant with Saraphina and I had all that itching?
Well that was one of the 1st signs of his disease.
There is no cure for it and there is only one medication called Urso and guess what!
It makes my itching worse!!
SO that means that I either take it and go nuts or dont take it and stay sick.
I've stopped taking it because it makes the itch that much worse..
This disease has caused spontaneous weight loss so I have lost close to 100 lbs.
I so didn't even try for it. I'm not complaining that my ass is getting smaller.
My body  just chose a rather dramatic way of doing so.
Anyway enough of that.
We all know I'm a hippy.
So I am going to try and heal naturally.
I am becoming a vegan.
Mostly due to the fact I can no longer digest meat,or bread and dairy hurts sometimes to.
So bleh off it goes.
But I've found some amazing places to learn about said lifestyle.
Because its not a diet its a lifestyle change.
Its been a real curve ball to learn. I wont even lie about that.
So I will be taking you through my journey of healing.
I will post recipes, pictures, and progress blogs.
I hope that my blog can help with more people with disease to self heal.
So for me 2014 is healing year.
Next blog will be a look at my skin.
To see what this stupid disease has done to that..
Until next time kiddies!