Morticia's Midnite Spa Mondays!!

Monday, July 05, 2010 Edit This 0 Comments »
Hail my darklings!!
Morticia here!!
Today we will be showcasing the Vanilla BathSalt
This wonderful fragrance is so so wonderfully sweet.
Made with 100% all natural vanilla extract.No artificial fragrances added!!
My bath salts contain
Epsom salt,Baking soda,Sea salt,& your fragrance of choice..
I personally just love and adore vanilla.It can be paired with so many differant fragrances.It add's just the perfect sweet touch to any blend.
It comes in a beautiful glass jar that is totally reusable around the home..
The vanilla scent will give your bath a light sweet aroma that will help to bring you back to day's of childhood.Summer's of vanilla ice cream...while the ingrediants soften your skin to give you a truly luxurious experiance!!
If you would like your own jar of awesome follow the link here & get your own!!
Remember I can do custom scents!!
I am looking forward to filling all of your orders!!
Be looking for new products!
Until next time darklings!!!