Morticia's Midnite Spa Mondays!! This Week Lavender-Eucalytus Bath Salt

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This week in the Spa we are showcasing
Lavender-Eucalytus Bath Salt
This wonderful salt wraps you in the luxery that is Lavender.
Then helps destress you with the scent of Eucalytus.
Both scents mixed together gives a truely relaxing luxurious experiance that makes any bath experiance.
This is such a great relaxing fragrance.This bath salt is wonderful for relieving a stressful day.The lavender will take you on a sweet journey to help relax your mind while the eucalyptus helps take away stress.It also promotes lung health! So breath it in deep!
The contents of this wonderful salt are:
Lavender Flowers-Very fragrant flower that promotes relaxation.Wonderful for helping relieve tension.Helps depression.
Eucalyptus Leaves- promotes lung health.Also a great decongestant.Promotes lung health.Also great to help concentration...
Epsom Salt- Great for helping the body relax and pulls toxins out of you system
Sea Salt- Known for its healing properties.Also doesnt dry your skin out.
Baking Soda- Helps keep your salt from becoming hard and cakey.Also is a light softenr....
Also the actual lavender & eucalyptus plants are in this mixture.
So when done you will probably have to scoop them out of your tub...
So check out the link below
You can get your very own jar of this amazing mixture!!
Cant wait to make something truely custom for you!!