April 5th Workout

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Good morning you peoples!!

Well I know I said I would blog twice on my workout days..Before & after my workout...
I do apologize..I woke up late today
Ok well before my workout I was tired..I woke up late..and wasnt in a bad mood.
Just more of a I wanna sleep mood..
Got around fairly quickly...
I think its because even though I dont wanna be out of bed I look forward to my workouts.Candace is an amazing trainer and it really doesnt feel like to much work when she's here.

Although the back-ups (reverse situps that work ur back) I really do loath...lol

So anywho
Candace got here and we started in...we work with resistence bands.I really like them alot.They have a little more control than free weights but just as much if not more results..

We always work the total body..
We start with cardio first thing to get my blood pumpin and heart goin...
Then we normally start with my arms but today she was in the mood for legs and stomach.So we worked my abs really hard..I mean they were like cryin by the time she got done..We worked my legs and then did the dreaded backups for my last thing before cool down streaching..
She makes my body hurt but we are already seeing results.
Im becoming more flexible.. when we do our crunches on the side crunch knee touch im almost to my knee's!
Which rocks my socks man...
on the back ups my hands dont touch the chair anymore..
measurements and weigh in are coming up soon..i'll have more pictures..

Until next time dawlings!