Workout April 7th

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Well Good morning peoples!
Ok well as you all know that yesterday I injured my knee from a fall at Lowes..
It didnt hurt to to bad..I mean I cant say that it isnt hurt,but I also have a high pain tolerance as well..
So I was sort of not looking forward to working out this morning.But as my dad has always said.. No pain no
He also use to say when we were injured.. "If you can walk ur fine"
That has sort of been my injury meter growing up..So u can imagine.. If I sprained an ankle or knee I would try to walk it off..
So this is how it went yesterday and why I figured I'd work out today..
So needless it was a rough morning waking up..
You can always tell when ur body is healing because it likes u to sleep...
So yeah I was rough this morning..So I get up and do the usual get breakfast..sit for a sec and Miss Candace texts me & is like Im heading over now.. Im antsy...
I was like um ok so yeah..haha
The workout was rather difficult today.Knee was really stiff and the only thing I was unable to do was the lunges.Which was awesome..I also had difficulty with the on the floor leg lifts..My knee was killin me and my right hip started cramping.
But I also think thats because of my fall.I did a pretty good half split yesterday.So today was rough..She tried out a new workout routine which was really vigerous.
I enjoyed it.
Im actually enjoying my workouts alot more than I thought I would. I think its because Im finally really ready for a change.We are starting to notice the changes in my body..
Even dad noticed that Im starting to look more toned.
I build muscle very fast.Alot like a man...which actually has to do with the amount of testosterone in my body.Long story short I was suppose to be a twin but I absorbed
So anywho...
The changes I am seeing are:
My muscle structure is changing. I am starting to feel more blocky which is cool.
My back pain is gone! THANK THE GODS!
Flexibility is getting better...
Im also not as winded.Now being as big as I am I have never been uber winded.In all actuality I've never been ur typical fat girl.Ive always been able to do things most cant.So changes I see in me aren't gonna be the same as most.
Starting next week I'll be starting a yoga routine to help with my back pain and other joint pain.I wanna start becoming more flexible.But because I've had some back and joint issues I wanna start there.Then branch out.So I'll do that I think on tues & thurs.
Ok well I think thats all for now..All in all my knee hates me... its swollen but I'm taking care of it.
So today will be a rest day..Im feelin good though..It was a good workout today!
Until next time dawlinks!


Christina said...

You are rocking it like a movie star, girl!! KEEP IT UP!! :)