May 2nds Workout!

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I know Im a bit late on the draw..I do apologize...
Lifes been doin that interupting thing again!
Mondays workout was great as always..Only hitch is that when I was cleaning my litter boxes i tripped and fell over the clean litter containter I sit on and landed on my ass and caught myself with my hand so that did NOT feel good.Which made me a little stiff for my workout.But nothin too bad..
Well Monday was weight and measures and WOOT WOOT!!
Im down an inch all the way around..
I have been able to get into a pair of jeans I havent been able to wear in several months..and I have some bra's that are/were a bit small and i used extenders to wear them.Well Im proud to say I dont have to with a few of them! Im like HELL YES MAN!!
So below is my current status..
My weight hasnt changed, but I build muscle like a man so I wont see much in a huge decrease real fast in the weight #...
Its not the most important # anyway.. your inches are the most important..
So without further adue..
More embarrassing pictures and my new measurements..
Height 5'9
Weight : 310
Upper Arm : 18in
Forearm : 12 in
Neck : 17in
Chest: 47.5in (ribcage) 53in (boobs)
Waist : 49in
Abdominal :49.5in
Hip : 60.5in
Thigh : 28in
Calf : 19in
Here's the link to my previous weights and measures blog..


Candace said...

i looked back and forth adn back and forth and you can definitely see good improvement in your butt and thighs!! :) im so happy!