May7th's Workout

Sunday, May 09, 2010 Edit This 0 Comments »

Hi there kiddies!!

Well Friday's workout was fantastic but OMG intense..

Candace has ramped things up again and we did all strength training on friday..

Which I loved.I tend to really love weight training and it was basically that but with resistence bands.

She also added some ab workouts that KILLED ME!!..

Its sunday and Im still freakin sore!

But at least I know that being this sore means progress.Im starting to see dramatic changes in my body structure.My stomachs getting flatter..My definition is starting.I have a long long way to go.But the fact the results are so good makes me smile..

Well and the fact my clothes are startin to get a bit big!

I need to get that material together and get lori to teach me how to make some skirts with draw strings!...

I refuse to try and keep up with buying pants..lmao..

Until next time kiddies..