The Cost of Cleaning Natrual Vs. Toxic Everyday Cleaners

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For most households the cost of household cleaners is a bit of an ouch to the ol pocket book.
I have often myself gone into my kitchen cleaner cabinet (before goin natural) and realized that well apparently everybody ran out all at the same time.Which ment a good 50 dollar bill the next time I went to the store just for cleaners..
If your like me and have to be frugal u tend to get the most important ones 1st and then wait on the other ones till next paycheck..
Most of us cant live without certain ones like bleach,toilet cleaner,tub/sink cleaner,floor cleaner (if u have hardwood or special tile there might be a couple of these),Carpet deodorizer,dusting supplies (if u have wood or special surfaces again there are a few),Dish soap,laundry detergent,fabric softer,,etc etc etc and the list goes on..
Have you ever really really thought about what is in those cleaners?
I can tell you that pretty much all of them are toxic to you,your children,pets and the environment. I'm not just tryin to be a hippy about things either.
I personally have very bad chronic asthma that is triggered by chemicals.So that means for me to deep clean my house with everyday cleaners,I have to open all the window's I can,turn the fan's on and hope for the best.Or make the man of the house do it..haha..
Well in the past few months I have become fed up with that routine.I am also really trying to do my part to help the environment.
Did you realize that you can save an ton of money on household cleaner's and only use 2 to 3 products for your entire house!!!

I wouldn't lie to ya! Pictured above is really the only two things you really need to clean your home! White distilled vinegar and baking soda!
Most people don't feel that they could ever just not use bleach or other chemicals because "to them it just smells clean with bleach".
The reason they and many other think this way is because we have been trained that its not clean unless there is a strong chemical smell left behind.Well my friends I'm sorry but those strong chemical smells have nearly killed me a few times!
So I personally set out to find a way to clean my house thoroughly and not kill over.Plus it had to be safe for not only me and my fur babies but the environment as well.
This led me to find out about cleaning with vinegar and baking soda!
Also to this site
That place is amazing! I was reading the differant things you can do with just vinegar alone and was blown away.You litterally can clean your entire house with just vinegar and baking soda!
Not to mention all the other things you can use it for in gardening,cooking,pets etc.Check out the site! You'll be as amazed as I am..
Not to mention have you really looked to see how much vinegar and baking soda is?
A big bottle of vinegar will cost you under 6 dollars and the 12lb back of baking soda I have up there only cost me around 7 or 8!
I dont know about you but I can handle that cleaner bill!
Just to give you an idea of how much everyday chemicals cost..I'll list the most common rooms we keep up with below..Then the cost of the chemicals I use to use with their prices.Which vary according to size of bottle.

Clorox Bleach $2-$4
Greenworks All Purpose $3 to $5
Pinsol $3 to $10
Dawn $3 to $10

Greenworks General Bathroom Cleaner $3 to $5
Greenworks Toilet Bowl Cleaner $3 to $5
Greenworks Glass Cleaner $3 to $5 dollars

Laundry room
Arm and hammer/Tide Detergent $10 to $25
Simply Pleasures Lavender Vanilla Fabric Softer Liquid $10 to $20
Oxyclean $5 to $20
Lysol Disinfect concentrate $5 to $7

As you can see in one trip this can add up.Because I also am a bulk buyer.Mainly because in the long run you save money.Especially on things like toilet paper!
But you can see how instead of having a differant cleaner for each task you can have just 2 for everything and their non toxic!
I am personally still weeding out my toxic things in my house.Ive got my laundry room left to natrualize.Im looking into what is called Soap Nuts for my laundry.As far as fabric softner oh man idk if I can give that up..hehe

I probably will but in due time!

Ok I think that's it for now.Be sure and check out the link to the vinegar tips site!

Its amazing all the things you can do with that stuff!!

Incase you missed it here's the link again!


candace said...

i mixed baking soda and vinegar to try and clean under jovys crate and it made it smell horrendous! i had to go over it with pinesol twice cause it made my whole house stink :(

Morrywns Place said...

Well I didnt say that it would smell awesome..but Im thinkin jovy is just rotten..lmao