Workout Update!! Woot Woot

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 Edit This 0 Comments »
Hi there ladies and gents..
Ok well this will be for Monday's and Today's update..
Im tryin so hard to get them on the day their suppose to be on but I am just horrible at this whole blog thing!..haha
Ok Monday Candace and I didnt get to workout together.Because her had some biz of her own to take care of..
So when my darling man got home after dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood and I made it appoint to circle 3 times so I could burn some calories...
By the time I was done Jesse and the dogs were worn the hell out..It was greatness..
But I just didnt wanna lose a day of workout.I am workin so hard to get this stupid weight off and so I refuse to lose a day unless Im sick..!!

Alrighty..On to today..
Well today I did NOT wanna work out..Could be because mother nature sent my favorite aunt to visit this month.. *wink wink ladies*
So I am crampy,bloated,cranky,and tired!
But Candace was her amazing sweet self and was nice to me today..even though my
I cut the workout a lil bit short though because my stomach started getting sick.But ya know what..
Damn it I worked out today!! So accomplishment made!..ahah Cuz I really just wanted to roll over call Candace and be like Im so not gonna today..haha

So now Im sitting here..tired and not wanting to do I think I'll work on my buisness stuff today...Gotta get them sittings!!.
Enjoy your day dawlings!!