Offical Weight Blog! 1st weigh in!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010 Edit This 2 Comments »
Welp its my 2nd blog of the day...
This is the offcial weigh in and measturements..As well as my account of today....
1st note..Im already sore..tomarrows gonna be painful..hehe
But candace was very sweet and as gentle as she could be with
Ok well here are the official digits of my fat assyness..hehe..

Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 310lbs
Neck: 18 in
Chest: 48in,53in
(around the boobage)
Bicep: 19.5
Forearm: 13.5
Waist girth: 50
Hips: 61in
Thigh: 28.5
Calf: 19

Okie dokie..
Below are the uber unflattering images of me...Taken today to show the progression of my body.I'll be doing these once a month hopefully...along with new measurements..

Ok there it is!.lol..
Scared yet..haha
Anyways...I actually had alot of fun working out with Candace.She made the time go by fast and I didnt even realize that the 30mins were up.Now my body was kinda pissed and is still pissed..and the snow is freakin putting a kink in my and jesse's walkin routine.But when the snow leaves we will resume walking once a night..
Ok well I will post more later..Thats it for now...
She will be here Mon. morning to kick my butt again!
Plus I might get a bonus..My good friend lori might join in! Not that the hefer needs to but it will be fun to have her here!
Until next time ya'll!


Christina said...

Look at you putting yourself out there girl, I love it!! You are going to do so awesome with your stubborness ;) LOL

Morrywns Place said...

HAHA..lets hope so!