2nd Workout!

Monday, March 22, 2010 Edit This 0 Comments »
Good day my dears!!
Ok well today was day 2 of my new workout routine with Candace..
She showed up about 5 mins early and we got started.
We were both having a rough morning,but hey ..its monday!
So we started in..I turned some booty shakin music on to get us in the groove...
Then she proceeded to kick my ass! haha
I am actually really enjoyiing working out with her.She makes it alot of fun.It helps that we are friends...
So there's lots of gabbing in there to...
We always start out with cardio..to get my heart goin and to get the body warmed up...
then some arm exercises to build my upper body and slim...
Right now we are starting with 5lb weights..
I can remember a time when 5lbs weighed nothing to me.But I'm so far outta shape that after we're done those 5lb weights wiegh a ton..
Which makes me feel like such a fatass.
I've always been big but I was muscle fat..not globby fat..I hate being this fluffy..its not fun...
There's no solidity to me anymore..
BUT thats all soon to change!
So after the arms we did some stomach stuff..OMG I felt it today..seriously had some burn goin on..
I'll be feelin that tomarrow Im sure..
After the stomach we did butt exercises..
This is when my ass cries..lol..
especially on the side leg lifts.. >.< owies!
But my hips and knee's are really bad so my right hip is so not happy with me.I need to get some joint suppliments real bad and start takin them..So I can help my joints feel better..
So after the butt its leg work..which again burns..but its a good burn..
We did reverse situps today which is where u lean on like a ball or a chair arm and lift urself up..which works ur back..
K let me just say..OMFG!! I was like dude Im gonna die..haha..
But all in all Im enjoying myself..
The workouts are actually very gentle.She's trying to be easy with me due to my joint issues & asthma.I cant ask for a sweeter person to work with..
I will recommend her to many many people because she's an amazing trainer.Even after only 2 sessions I can tell the differance in the way my body feels!