A New Beginning.... I Guess..haha

Thursday, March 18, 2010 Edit This 0 Comments »
So here I be returning to this little blog..
But this time its not just going to be about personal faith and path..
Maybe instead a journey and look through the uber non interesting things of my life..lol

So I apologize in advance for the boringness of it all..but da well..reality is what it is...
I am soon to start down the path of fitness.
This will be something that I am totally not good at ..at all..
Its obvious..Im over 300lbs and a lazy hefer..hahaha
But I have decided that I am so not happy with this part of my existence..and well the simple fact that when on my anniversary we were suppose to go and have fun..I ended up being pissed off due to the fact that I barely fit into the goddamn movie seat..
I mean seriously a tight fuckin squeeze man!
I personally have no issues with my actual looks...
I am actually a very beautiful woman..Just not too happy with the fact that
So starting Sat March 20th I will have a good friend of mine who's a personal trainer come over 3 times a week and kick my ass..hahaha
This should be fun..

I already started getting jesse to walk with me once a day since its starting to get warm outside..to prepare myself for Sat.Although I dont think anything will prepare me for sat!..haha My ass is SOOO gonna be draggin!
I will be posting pictures and updates on my weight loss.My feelings on certain things and the way my body feels and what improvements I notice.
If I start feeling real creative I'll post them in vlog form..
I'll also be posting some other things to...
My wonderful man and I are gonna start growing our own veggies and some fruits.
I am really tired of not knowing where my food comes from.Plus all the fuckin crap they put in the food now days..
Not to mention money saved by not having to spend it at walmart.Jesse eats alot so we gotta start savin somewhere..lol..why not start with the veggies.
We already buy our meat local from an awesome meat market here in town.
So here's to change...
I think thats all for now on the blog of newness...
I'll ramble again soon!
New fitness routine starts SAT!!
I promise..Unflattering pictures to come!
Until next time muh dawlinks!