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So I was surfing the net today and came across an interesting blog..
Now for those who actually know me..I really am all for going green and being eco-friendly..
Now you also know that I am not the best example of this because lets face it..I tend to be a bit lazy and a bit forgetful on many things..
I can say that I try my best to keep my lights turned out when their not needed..and all other electronic devices off when Im not using them..
I also try not to use excess water and will be helping my loving man of mine build a veggie garden and I also want to start growing my own herbs.
Most of this is to save money..but for each of us that grow our own food supplies and eat locally that means walmart's hold on the world will start to lessen.
In some places walmarts the only shopping choice which is so sad..
I try to support my local buisness owner's as much as I can because I am one of those myself..
So here I am supporting an amazing buisness..

Glass Dharma

This wonderful little buisness makes glass straws..
From the images on their website the straws look VERY durible and the girl who publishes
The Retro Housewife Goes Green swear's by them!
Talk about a cool answer to those of us who love straw's!

Im serously looking into buying a set of these and keeping at least 1 in my purse at all times...
I've really been concerned with the way the earth has been trashed and the uncaring glace that humanity as a whole looks apon this beautiful gift we call home..
I can not imagine not waking up with the birds singing..and the tree's dancing in the wind...
The site of green grass (even though I'm allergic to alot of outside I still love it)...The fact that there are so many wonderous animals on this planet..To lose them would be a true tradgedy..
To think that it could be possible that one day our children and children's children could grow up without the wonder's of nature..

For just an example...
The Tigers are almost gone from the wild..This is such a sad story..and this is just one species!
People have learned to be afraid and disregard the animals importance for being here..
Yes Tigers live in Africa..but there are endangered species right here in the good ol U.S.A.!
Do your part to turn the world around..We dont wanna lose these amazingly beautiful creations from mother earth..
Nurture her & she will give back abundantly...
Abuse her and we wont have her...or any of her amazing gifts...


Lisa Sharp said...

Thanks for the link! GlassDharma is awesome, I'm using one of their straws right now. :)

Morrywns Place said...

Yeah Im serisouly thinkin about buyin a set next time I have money..and like ending up buying enough to have a set for entertaining..their really beautiful to