It's Official! We Are Havin A Babeh!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Edit This 4 Comments »
Were we tryin..
But thing's happen
I went to the Dr. yesterday and got it confirmed.
Im waiting on the lab to get my blood test results back for my exact due date.
But by my menstral history it looks like it will be late april or early may.
So now its time to start planning and buying for the little bundle to arrive.
I have decided my nursery is going to be decorated in Dr Suess!
Its really just an excuse to make and entire room nothing but Dr. Suess.
Im a rather big
But I think it will be adorable!
What else..
Well this is also the time to start finding the green baby products.
I found a green baby store in OKC so Im super happy about that!
Might have to load mom up and take her with me some sat so we can go shoppin and look..
I think that's all for now.
I'll keep ya'll updated on dr's appt's and stuff.
Have a great day!
Until next time darklings!


Lisa Sharp said...

Congrats! I HIGHLY recommend you read "The Eco-nomical Baby Guide: Down-to-Earth Ways for Parents to Save Money and the Planet" by Joy Hatch and Rebecca Kelley

The authors also have a blog-

Another good book is "Smart Mama's Green Guide: Simple Steps to Reduce Your Child's Toxic Chemical Exposure" by Jennifer Taggart

Here are some of the things with kids I've talked about on my blog-

Oh and one of the best blogs for cloth diaper info is-

Morticia's Rabbit Hole said...

Thank you so much Lisa!! I am definatly checking these out today!!
I bought the Natural Nursery by Louis Pottkotter..
Found it at Hasting's for only 9 bucks..
I am definatly checkin out your links and book titles today though.
Ive got like 7 months of readin to do..LOL..

Leeanna said...

OMG! Congrats dear! I just know you'll make a very wonderful mom. There are so many great books out there to help you and I won't be recommending any cause I've never been a mom. ahahahahaaa. But I do know one thing. I worked in the medical field, so follow your doctor's orders. It's very important for a healthy baby and delivery.

willow said...

hurray for babies!!!!! congrats to you both! I know almost nothing about babies but i do know (from making diaper cakes) that huggies makes a diaper that is made with organic cotton. walmart also carries a line of cloth diapers and reusable diaper covers! super cute! I like the idea of a Dr Seuss room! It's gonna be awesome!