A Super NUMMY Smoothie I Made This Morning!

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Hi there ladies & gents!!
I just wanted to share a quick smoothie recipe with you today..
I made this this morning for breakfast and lemmie tell ya...

I call it
The Hidden Carrot Smoothie..
Half a can of coconut milk,
1 whole banana,
1 whole carrot,
1 whole apple,
1 handfull of strawberries,
1 handfull of green grapes,
1 handfull ice cubes to chill
1 tbs of diatomacious earth (optional)
This will probably be the most nutritious thing you eat all day!
I try and start each day with a smoothie of some kind.It totally gives you a kick in the pants in energy and some serious nutrition.
There are NO artificial sweetener's in these.Its 100% raw fruits and veggies!
Enjoy My Darklings!!


willow said...

I love smoothies! the one i make is goes like this: frozen berries (strawberries blackberries raspberries)a small one serve yogurt (love activia blueberry!) half a banana, some oasis blueberry and pomegranate juice and a splash of oj. add some ice and toss in a blender for a super cold frosty smoothie!!!

Morticia's Rabbit Hole said...

That is awesome girlie!!
I try to make one every morning..
But we are runnin low on fruit right now..LOL..

Although I'd urge you to try the organic yogarts instead of activia/yoplat etc..
Their choc full of not so good ingredients..
Compare the back of the lables...
Walmart normally sells Stoneyrbook farm(I think that is what it is) organic yogart.
Try and taste it next to your activia..
You can get your probiotic's from the healthfood store if that is why your eating it..
In pill form its called Pro8
Also u can get digestive help with diatomacious earth that you can get at earthworkshealth.com

Keep makin those smoothies girl..ALso you can substitute your yogart u put in it for coconut milk ;) makes a nummy option for real!!

willow said...

your awesome thanks!