Changing My Course In life

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Have you ever sat there and really looked at your life.The choices you have made and where you thought you wanted it to go when you were in your late teen's/early 20's.
Only to realize that you really dont have the same value system and that you really wanna change something in said life?
I recently went through a reflective period...and realize that as much as I loved photography and the art form in all its glory I no longer wanted to chase it.
I dont know if this was because I have a baby growing inside of me or I just really wanted a change.
Well through this past year well 2yrs really I have become more and more facinated by holistic medicine's and nutrition.
I have also found that I really like healing people (regardless of how I feel about them most of the time).I have also found myself becoming more world concious and eco-concious and have found myself leaning twords this area of life.
So the other day I decided after watching several documentries and doin some soul searching that I would really like to become a holistic healer.I want to learn about the herb's and learn how to use them to heal.Same with holistic nutritoin.
I get so sick of looking around me and watching "Modern" medicine kill people.I mean it nearly killed me several times. I have chronic asthma and by the time I was 18 I had an immune system almost as bad as an aides patient because of all the shit the dr's had me on.So I made the decision at 18 to pull myself off of EVERYTHING and manage my asthma myself...and because of that decision instead of 20 (estimated #) major asthma attacks a year Im down to maybe 1 or 2....
I also dont get bronchitis or pneumonia as much either.Makes life awesome!!
So I started looking around and found a site called and fell in love with it.
For basically 10 bucks a month you can learn about herb's.I plan to do this until I can afford to go through an actual herbal school.They give you all the information and resources to truely learn about these wonderful plants that grow all around us.
So I have started my journey down the herbal path.I hope to share the knowledge I learn there with all of you.I also hope to help teach you guys how to better take care of yourselves without the need for Dr's and their bull. In no way am I ever going to discourage anyone from goin to the dr because lets face it that makes me liable for alot.But I can tell you that by taking care of yourself naturally you will see the many flaw's in the modern system.
So come join me in my quest for naturalness....
I look forward to all of your thought's and imput....
Until Next Time Darklings!!!


willow said...

that's awesome! sometimes it takes a period of reflection to figure out what is really important! Good luck on your quest!

Natalie said...

thats actually pretty amazing of you