Baby Update and yay stress!!

Saturday, October 02, 2010 Edit This 1 Comment »
Ya know I dont normally just complain alot..
But dude Im am TOTALLY sick of stress.
Ive been trying to find my zen for the past 2 week's and its has just escaped me.
Between turmoil's at home and then job issue's..
I am so done..
I cant/wont elaborate on the home issue's but when it comes to the work issues..
I am not even makin close to what I was when I closed my studio biz.
Which is a real eye opener.I mean wow..
Grant it..its a steady 200 or so bucks every 2 weeks.But in the grand scheme of thing's it suck's ass.
I have so much to pay for and prepare for in 7 months and I dont see these 2 job's payin for it.
IDK how people just work part time all the time.
IDK...I just dont know..
Im kinda down.. The hormones dont help AT all..
I did get my soonercare started so I have insurence now.Even if it is through the state.Its a blessing.
I go for my W.I.C. appt on the 6th.So that will help so much when it comes to milk and such thing's.
My darling friend Lindy gave me a baby bed and changing table which I am so so so thankful for.
I will post pictures when I get them put together.
If you wanna see them right now just check out my facebook page
Its in the ze baby blood album.
I am looking forward to getting the babies room put together.I have been brainstorming and designing the room its self.I know how I wanna make the truffela tree's.
Im still debating on weither to paint or not to paint.
I wanna paint but being we dont own the house I dont wanna be responsible for redoing once we leave.
I know that sounds kinda spoil sporty but I just dont.
I think I can rock otherwise..we'll see..
Other than that..I think that's all the new's I have.
I am still needing to be referred to an obgyn.
But I had to get my sooner care taking care of 1st.
I'll update ya'll on that visit as soon as it happen's..
Until Next Time Darklings..


willow said...

awe! sorry to hear that you are stressing out. Boooo to stress! I totally get you on the painting thing and don't think it is spoil sporty at all! My honey and I just moved into an apartment that is all cream coloured and I am not painting because I don't want to have to paint over it again when we leave!

hope you are feeling better!