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Hey there my darklings!!
I am so sorry Ive been M.I.A. for awhile.Life's been very interesting to say the least and I really need to get back on the band wagon and start blogging again.I feel guilty for neglecting it.
But I've also kinda stopped shooting to so it all just stopped when my life went down the toilet.
I wont bore u with the details..
The only good that's come of this is my baby that is currently growing inside of me.
I wont lie Ive not been 100% green during my pregnancy but its also be 1000% stressful around me so something had to give.
But we are having a little girl and she's super healthy and super active.
Im due in may between the 14th and 18th.It was May 18th but at my ultrasound I measured at 20wks 6 days so that puts me in my 21st week now.So Im entering into my 6th month.Wow time flies..
Well I will share my ultrasound pics and will try to keep ya'll updated on my adventures..
I am going to be cloth diapering,breast feeding and making my own baby food.For many reasons..
Most of which are better for the baby and cost effective.Not to mention eco-friendly.
I'll admit the cloth diapering is a lil intemidating..its kind of a mystery in this day and age because we live in a disposable world.Which is sad..
Well here she is..
Her name is Saraphina Annaliese!!