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Hello Ladies and Gents!!
I am gonna try and start blogging regular again.I kind of miss it and also I want to again start spreading green awareness around.
So to start that off right I am going to introduce you to my father's blog!
He also has a fan page to go with it so you can keep up to date with everything goin on with his little slice of the Internet!

His blog is called 
Ol'McDonalds Garden Fresh Veggies

Yep I'm sure you guessed it he's a gardener!
But not just any gardener.He is a very avid organic gardener who has dabbled with it for years, but just last year decided to stop dabbling and truly get rid of all chemical assistance and only do thing's mother natures way.
He has always had an incredible green thumb where as I can kill Ivy.. I know I know its almost impossible to do that but trust me when I tell you it can TOTALLY be done.He just shakes his head to..
Its ok I'm at one with my non green thumbness!

Anyway his blog will be chock full of information.We hope to eventually do product reviews so that you can learn about different organic products and methods of gardening.Plus there will be video how to's!!
So go by and check his blog,subscribe and let us know what you think!
If you have any gardening questions please feel free to ask!
Here are the links!