Heirloom Seeds...Plus an update..

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Hello my darklings!!
I know I know..I have been M.I.A. for sometime.
I am sorry...I went through a very uninspired time.
It happens to everyone!
But I think Im back.
I have a new reason to really be rabid over being natural.
We think I am with child.
Thats right Morticia might be carrying a baby bean!
I have a good wait to find out though.Pregnancies hide in my family.Sometimes even with bloodtests!!
I think it sucks ball's that we are like this.Because all I want is a yes or no!
Not sure how many believe in the truth of psychic abilities.But I was told after visiting my dear mary's store that there's a very very high chance that I am.
Then I came home and got my pendulum out and asked and it said yes.
So Im gonna treat it as a yes.
I'll take a test in the middle of sept..then in the middle of oct.
If still a negative I'll have bloodwork done.
But Ive already started having some of the symptom's.
So anyway..
On to the hairloom seed topic!
For those of you who dont know what an heirloom seed let me give you a defintion..
Click this link to find out what they are
So why heirloom seed's you ask..
Heirloom seed's are free of all the toxin's and pesticides that conventional seed's deal with.
Plus with heirloom seed's you can help many food species from becoming extinct!
Yes there are thousands of fruits and veggie species that have gone extinct.
Plus from what alot of people say heirloom seed's are easier to grow.
Its proven that organicly grown food is healtheir for you than the food you get in your grocery store.
The amount of toxin's that are ingested in our every day life is astoundingly horrific!
For those of you who have children its your duty to maintain their health.
To give them the best possible start in life.
So why not do that with amazing fruits and veggies!!
There are several places you can buy heirloom seed's.
I will post a few links below so that you can check them out for yourself.
Start the journey with me.
Let's make a new life for our children which will include a healthy non-toxic future!
Ok ya'll!!
Start purchasing your seed's so you can start your garden's next year!
I cant wait to see what you come on up!
Until Next Time Darklings!!


willow said...

that's exciting news! since your news is not officially official I will say almost congrats? how about maybe congrats? or my personal favorite probably congrats? Lol!

the sweetie and I are moving in october to an apartment! we are very excited! my friend grew cherry tomatoes on her balcony this year with great success. I wonder how a potted pepper or two would fair?

Morticia's Rabbit Hole said...

LOL Thanks girl!
Yeah I will be glad when I find out yay or nay...

I think pepper's would fair.Just check out which zone ur in and how much water and sun they need..U could probably grow more than just peppers on your balcony..
Let me know how it works girlie!