Friday's Review! Arm & Hammer Essential's Corn Cat Litter

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If your like me & have fur babies you cherish,then you do whatever you can to make sure their health & well being are always 1st priority.
For many of us our furkids are just that....Kids.
I am a crazy cat lady.I wont lie..I totally admit it.I have 5 bratty felines who take up alot of my time.Between petting,feeding,and litterbox care they have made it to the ranks of spoiled rotten.
Well I am currently trying very hard everyday to green my home.Its not that its hard,its just a gradual process.You pick one thing and change it.If you have the moolah to change everything at once awesome.But most of us dont.
Well recently I took up the task of changing my current litter.I like most was a clay litter user.Normally flip flopping between Tidy Cat & Arm & Hammer.
I have become a big fan of Arm & Hammer.Well recently they have come out with an all natural litter.Its made of corn!! So me being me I decided to give it a try..
When I got it home I immediatly went and cleaned 1 of the litter boxes that was the closest to needing to be redone out.Filled it with the new corn litter and proceeded to do a test.

Ok just for a bit of back story my usual litter bill looks like this..

For 5 cats, 4 adults 1 kitten.

1 20-30lb pale of clay litter $13.00

2 boxes of plastic sifting cat liners $4.00ea

1 box of Arm & Hammer deoderizor for the boxes $2.00

Bought twice about 75 bucks a month.

That doesnt count the food costs.I am not complaining but if I can save money I am SOOOO down!
So I did a test with the clay litter & corn litter side by side.Took the cats about 2 days to use the corn litter.I let the boxes get gross.Sorry to do an effective test you have to (cat's werent to happy).

I went to clean the boxes about 3 day's later.
I smelled the clay litter something foul.Even with the deoderizor I use,and the extra step's I take to not smell cat butt it was to no avail.After awhile it just stunk bad.I then noticed I still only got a sweet smell from the corn litter.I cleaned the clay box 1st so I could really see if my nose was tricking me. But to my surprise I put a pee ball up to my nose and did not smell hardly any ammonia.For those who have cats you know their pee smells HIGHLY of ammoia.
I was sold....
When it comes to clumping...I think it works really well.I can say that you dont wanna shake to to hard because it will breakup.But everything has its pro's and con's.I also noticed that it doesnt stick to the sides of the box like clay litter does.I've also discovered that it does NOT sift though the plastic sifting cat liners.So if your a liner user only use the one that cover's the bottom.
Also another great thing about the corn litter is that its 100% bio-degradable!So once you need to toss it out you can just toss it into your compost.Be sure to get the poop out 1st,You can leave the urine because it will add acidity to your compost pile which will help it break down faster.
I am so pleased with this product and hope to god they dont get rid of it.I am also super happy with the fact it has taken my plastic use down significantly!Thats always a plus!
I encourage each of you out there who have kitties to atleast try this product!
Its well worth it!!!


Willow said...

If you haven't tried it, Yesterday's News is another biodegradable cat litter that works great. I'm wary of using products made of corn because of what the increase of corn production can do to the countries that grown them (See the film King Corn).

Great review! It's always nice to know that companies are at least making an effort to go greener.